♥♥ When two Cultures mixed (。◕‿◕。) Anything in my Page are only simple thing, but I did it with great love.

Sesame Cookies (Kue kering Wijen)

For us nothing more suitable in our tea/ coffee time but cookies. And this sesame cookies just perfect one for you to try also. 

 250 gr butter, room temperature
 2 medium eggs, room temperature
 80 g (± 3 tablespoons) sugar
 80 g (± 1/3 cup) sesame paste
 ¼ tsp fine salt
 400 g all-purpose flour
 5 g (± 2 tsp) baking powder

To spread:
 1 egg yolk, beaten
 Sesame seeds to taste


Jajan Pasar "Klepon" (Indonesian traditional sweet dumpling snack)

Jajan means snack. Pasar = traditional market. In old time mostly you can find this food in traditional market in early morning or evening. But now it's getting easy to find it in any street corner or alley in my country.
"Klepon" , is one kind of Indonesian traditional snack. It's dumpling  made from glutinous rice flour with palm sugar filling, wrapped in fresh shredded coconut. 
Yes, since I'm in my homeland, I want to make this in my kitchen with real traditional and fresh ingredients (no substitute) like "Pandan Suji" leaves which gives natural green color and fragrance. Also fresh shredded coconut that rarely I can find in Turkey. But if you can not access to fresh shredded coconut, just try to steam dried one before use.

have a try and experience this folk snack and "taste the Indonesia "


Hello everybody....Merhabalar..

Hello everybody...I know.. I know..it has been ages I didn't post anything... For you (new readers of this page) maybe didn't know why, or my old blogger / foodies friends might just figure it out...yes since I was pregnant I didn't post regularly..... coz as you know, during my pregnancy I didn't want to go to my own kitchen or any other's one. My cake deflated, my cooking burnt, etc..so I couldn't post anything new in my blog... and also I was ssoo ssoo lazy doing anything. I just love to walk...walk around my city...lol

I've been writing this blog:

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