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Dumpling/ Wonton/ Shumai Wrapper. Make it at home. Easy recipe with video

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Dumpling/ Wonton/ Shumai Wrapper. Make it at home. Easy recipe with video | Çitra's Home Diary. #homemadewontonwrapper #shumaiwrapper #resepkulitpangsit #dumplingwrapperrecipe

Dumpling wrapper, wonton wrapper, or shumai (siomay) wrapper was something I could easily get anywhere when I was in Indonesia. So making any kind of dumpling was never difficult at that time.

But since I live here, those things are so fancy to get. Sometimes I must go to the biggest supermarket to find it and mostly can't find it. Once I got that dumpling wrapper ( in the frozen food section), it wasn't like I wanted it.

That is why I started to make my own dumpling wrapper at home. Actually, I already posted one recipe before
You may check my previous dumpling wrapper which I made before.

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