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Hello everybody....Merhabalar..

Hello everybody...I know.. I know..it has been ages I didn't post anything... For you (new readers of this page) maybe didn't know why, or my old blogger / foodies friends might just figure it out...yes since I was pregnant I didn't post regularly..... coz as you know, during my pregnancy I didn't want to go to my own kitchen or any other's one. My cake deflated, my cooking burnt, etc..so I couldn't post anything new in my blog... and also I was ssoo ssoo lazy doing anything. I just love to walk...walk around my city...lol

It's me when I was 9 months pregnant, people say I was not like pregnant woman  :))
Then...the day I was waiting finally came.. After long time un-patiently waiting, finally my baby really born! even she was little bit 'over due-date', but she is really born! My baby girl born at 28 July 2012 on 3.45 morning, with 50 cm and 3,190 gr by cesarean. We named her Şahnaz Kale.
Welcome my angel...

With her baba

And here some picture of her...

She was on her 4th months

After she's born of course I could not back to my kitchen just like that.... for you who had baby or having one now surely understand how I wish I could have more than 2 hands, 2 legs and time more than 24 hours per day plus extra energy to do something else more..... Hhhhh..yes have a little baby could be so exhausting !! But really... have a baby could be also priceless.... Golden moment when seeing my baby grows day by day...

Now I'm in my homeland, Indonesia, for long holiday, after all, no body more understand how to shower small and fragile creature than a mom ( read: my mother) cause I still didn't have experience how to do it (but  now I do..lol ). beside that, long time in Turkey make me homesick of my own foods....so I'm taking "revenge" now to eat as much as I can find my favorite Indonesian food (Surabaya's food)... So until then... let me "eating out" 1st before back to my kitchen..!!! :))


  1. Citra, really miss you!!! she is so adorable! :)

    1. I miss you too dear..and I miss writing again..catch up some recipes like you did :)


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