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My ultimate Turkish bagel; Simit Recipe / Resep Simit Khas Turki

Resep dalamBhs Indonesia ada dibagian bawah.

Selam..Merhaba from Türkey everybody

Simit....is  Turkish style bagel. 
Famous among all Turkish people or people who had visited Turkey. İt's very difficult to turn your head and did not find this- round, chewy inside, cover with sesame- bread. 
You can find it easily in every corner or mobile seller in Istanbul's street or any street all around Turkey.
I can say this bagel is Turkish's signature. Write this on your "must try" list when you plan to visit Turkey 😊

Every kid grew up with this simit. Every adult will miss this simit while they were away from their homeland. People can eat it almost every day, every morning, every afternoon with a glass of hot Turkish tea or cold ayran (Turkish yogurt drink).
This is one of fast-food breakfasts for busy workers or students in hurry to school.

Pretzel Kaastengels / Pretzel savory Cheesy Cookies

Resep dalam Bhs Indonesia ada dibagian bawah

Merhaba From Türkiye 👋

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My 1st post in year 2019. I know.... been a while. But İnshaallah I will not quit writing and share my passion for cooking. 
When I was younger I cooked for my siblings and my family since my mom worked at that time and mostly already tired after that.

My aunties also master in cooking. She cooked for the crowd and she was good on it. Took orders from neighbors and friends.
But since she's getting older now, she refuses some request for healthy reason.
But my younger aunt still do it.


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