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Orange with poppy seeds Chiffon cake recipe

Selam everybody....Merhaba from Turkey....

Once you made chiffon cake you will never bore to experiment more and baking more flavor of it. I love to bake chiffon cake as much as I eat it. Moreover, if your chiffon turns into wonderfully cotton soft and light like a cloud.

Yep..that's my chiffon cake.. I like to vary the flavor of it. Just check my other chiffon cake post on Cake Section.

And since I still have some orange stock also I hearty adore orange and lemon flavor my today post is about orange again. But this time I want to make something else to twist the flavor. 

This orange poppy seeds chiffon cake base on my previous spinach chiffon cake, I just change the spinach with orange segment then blend it. I mix it with poppy seeds in this orange chiffon cake, but fell free to skip it if you don't like it or you can't find poppy seeds in your cupboard.

Tom Yum Gai (Thai Spicy Chicken Soup) from scratch

Resep dalam bahasa Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Selam everybody..... Merhaba from Turkey....

Tom yam or tom yum is spicy thai soup usually cooked with shrimp. Beside in Thailand it also served around it neighbours countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brunei. It is so popular and become world wide popular food not only at those Asian neighbours.

Tom yum is characterised by its distinct hot and sour flavours, with fragrant spices and herbs generously used in the broth. The basic broth is made of stock and fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, and crushed chili peppers.

Tom yum soup has many variant depends on ingredients use such as :
Tom yum goong or tom yam kung, is made with prawns as the main ingredient.
Tom yam pla is a clear fish soup that was traditionally eaten with rice. It used to be the most widespread form of tom yam before mass-tourism came to Thailand, for fresh fish is readily available almost everywhere in the region's rivers, canals and lakes as well as in the sea. Usually fish with firm flesh that doesn't crumble after boiling is preferred for this type of soup.
Tom yum gai or tom yam kai is the chicken version
Tom yum po taek or tom yam thale is a variant of the soup with mixed seafood, like prawns, squid, clams and pieces of fish.
Tom yam nam khon is a more recent variation. Almost always made with prawns as a main ingredient, a little milk or coconut milk is added to the broth as a finishing touch, and then balanced with some toasted dried chillies. This adaptation is not to be confused with tom kha gai ("chicken galanga soup"), where galangal is the dominant flavour of the coconut milk-based soup.
Tom yam kung maphrao on nam khon , a version of prawn tom yum with the meat of a young coconut and a dash of (coconut) milk.
Tom yam kha mu, made with pork leg. These require a long cooking time under low fire.

What I'm about to share today is tom yum gai (tom yan kai), tom soup made from chicken. Beside using chicken meat and mushrooms, I also add some small shrimp to get great tom yum flavour that I like. For this tom yum kai you may skip the shrimp if you want.

If you browse around the net for this recipe, you'll get hundreds of it. Some use ready tom yum paste (nam prik pao) and some making from scratch.
Mostly I make all my foods from scratch but for this spicy tom yum I prefer use ready nam prik pao/ thai spicy sauce, it will give you real kick of thai dish! .... But poor me this winter my nam prik pao finish.... so you can guess... I cooked tom yum many times ^,^

Well...it's my fave dish..especially during winter and cold days or when I got flu... So what to do.. this time I make my tom yum soup really from scratch... The taste is so tasteful exactly when I use ready nam prik pao.

So bad I forgot to picture my home made tom yum paste/ nam prik pao...next time I'll post my home made nam prik pao in different post.

Orange Chocolate marble Chiffon Cake and tips how to make marble pattern / Resep marmer Chiffon cake jeruk

Resep dalam bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Orange Chocolate marble Chiffon Cake and tips how to make marble pattern / Resep marmer Chiffon cake jeruk | Çitra's Home Diary.

Selam everybody.....Merhaba from Turkey..... 👋

First of all, I's like to thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you can come back again and again to check up any Indonesian or Turkish food or something sweets that you might love. Your comments and emails brighten my days and make this simple blog thing worthwhile 😍💛

Yessss....Chiffon cake again! 😊
If you are my regular reader of my blog you might be already knew since I purchase new chiffon cake pan I can't check my "waiting list recipe to try" anymore..at least at this moment.
And since my husband and kid tasted my Chocolate chiffon cake from my previous post, chiffon cake is now become regular cake in my house.

Yes, chiffon cake is such a beautiful and easy cake to make and widely can vary in flavor we like. Check also my hearty spinach chiffon cake also, you gonna love it and your kid will never notice they eat vegetables in their cake too. 

Orange Chocolate marble Chiffon Cake and tips how to make marble pattern / Resep marmer Chiffon cake jeruk | Çitra's Home Diary.

Orange Golden Marmalade

Selam Everybody....... Merhaba from Turkey...

This week is citrus season in my place. I can get cheapest price for mostly citrus family in farm market. Don't ask me how many kilos I bought.... I looovvveee orange, lemon, or any citrus. They are best fruits for vit C source and also my best favorite for making dessert.

My husband likes to drink simply fresh orange juice, no more adding sugar or any other sweetener... But I still have big problem with my kid.....aaarrrgghhh.. We keep "fighting" whenever I ask her to finish her juice. So for her sometimes I mix with yoghurt and honey or sometimes I made orange frozen yoghurt.

Since I bought many kilos orange few days ago now I am thinking and open my "orange recipe list" on my computer file.
And this golden marmalade from Annabel Langbein is my 1st choice to use my orange stock.

It's simple and quick to make (unless for soaking time). And the marmalade turns beautifully yummy. I love the exact sweet on this recipe. I only use orange and lemon for this recipe and skip the whisky cause we don't consume any alcohol.

If you have orange and don't have any idea what to do... try this too. Keep in sterilized jar it will stand in your fridge for weeks even months.


Best Spinach Chiffon Cake / Chiffon cake bayam

Resep dalam bahasa Indonesia ada dibagian bawah

Merhaba From Türkiye 👋

First, I'd like to thank you for visiting my blog. Please come back, again and again, to check up on anything beyond Indonesian or Turkish food or something sweet you might love. Your comments and emails brighten my days and make this simple blog thing worthwhile 😍💛 

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My Chiffon cake today is inspired by how stressful I am dealing with my kid eating her vegetables. Every mealtime we always fight and I hate that I'm always a loser... 😄

And since how exciting I am about my new chiffon tube pan so this Spinach Chiffon Cake is part of my trial using that pan...and again...as you can see..I am quite satisfied with this pan.... Now I need a smaller one ^,^ 

My last post Spinach cake was inspired me to make this Chiffon version. I use fresh spinach with a significant amount for this cake, no need to cook the spinach first. 
The cake turns so lovely..... no spinach smell or significant spinach taste in it. Use vanilla bean or paste to get great aroma.

The texture is cotton soft.... believe me, you gonna love it! your kid won't even realize there's spinach in their cake! Nice green and appetizing color from natural spinach's chlorophyll without any food color addition. Definitely, you should make this cake often! ^,^

Smoked Paprika roasted chicken with pearl couscous pilaf

Selam...Merhaba from Turkey....

Have you heard pearl couscous? Have you eat it before? 
Also calls Ptitim in Hebrew, other calls Israeli couscous. In some countries calls mograbieh/ moghrabieh or giant couscous or fregola. It's small balls of toasted semolina flour. Not technically a grain, but more like pasta. 

Beside bread, couscous is a staple dish in Mediterranean area. Beside pearl couscous there is also Moroccan couscous which has smaller grain than pearl couscous. Both have high nutrition and low fat.

As an Asian this dish is part of my cuisine adventures. Mostly it took me several times to taste one food for make me like that food, but for this pearl couscous I instantly like it at 1st plate.

The unique chewy texture of this dish make me think of other yummy variation I could create from it. Last time I made couscous salad but I didn't satisfied with the taste.. So maybe I should start with simple dish first like this simple couscous pilaf.

And for make more special on our dinner table, I serve this pearl couscous pilaf with roasted smoke paprika which already became my family favorite.
These dish are perfect and fulfill all things you want to provide for your family dinner yet simple and quick to make. For complete it I made simple tomato salad and parsley. You can add some arugula and fresh mint too- I didn't have stock of it.

For making Salad dressing I simply mix some freshly lemon juice with olive oil, seasoned with salt and fresh ground black pepper. Keep in a small jar until ready to use.

And for making smoked paprika roasted chicken, you should marinate chicken and all other ingredients at least 2 hours before-- mostly I prepare a night before so I have best smoke paprika flavor seeped to my chicken perfectly in next day.

Ispanaklı peynirli börek / Spinach with cheese phyllo pastry

Selam everybody....Merhaba from Turkey...

Most of the time, the word "börek" is accompanied in Turkish by a descriptive word referring to the shape, ingredients of the pastry, for the cooking methods or for or a specific region where it is typically prepared.

In Turkey, we know many variety of börek depends it filling and how to make it. 
Su böreği  or 'water börek' is one of the most common types. Layers of dough are boiled briefly in large pans, then a mixture of feta cheese, parsley and oil is scattered between the layers. The whole thing is brushed with butter and laid in a masonry oven to cook.

Sigara böreği 'cigarette börek' or kalem böreği 'pen börek', a smaller, cylindrical variety is often filled with feta cheese, potato, parsley and sometimes with minced meat or sausage. A variety of vegetables, herbs and spices are used in böreks, such as spinach, nettle, leek, and courgette, and usually ground black pepper. The name kalem böreği was adopted in September 2011 by some Turkish pastry organizations in order to avoid alluding to smoking.

Paçanga böreği, is a traditional Sephardic Jewish specialty of Istanbul filled with pastırma or kaşar, and julienned green peppers fried in olive oil and eaten as ameze.

Saray böreği 'palace börek' is a layered börek where fresh butter is rolled between each of the dough sheets.

Talaş böreği or Nemse böreği 'sawdust' or 'Austrian' börek, is a small square börek mostly filled with lamb cubes and green peas, that has starchier yufka sheets, making it puffy and crispy.

Kol böreği 'arm börek' is prepared in long rolls, either rounded or lined, and filled with either minced meat, feta cheese, spinach or potato and baked at a low temperature.

Sarıyer böreği is a smaller and a little fattier version of the "Kol böreği", named after Sarıyer, a district of Istanbul

Gül böreği 'rose börek', also known as Yuvarlak böreği 'round or spiral börek' are rolled into small spirals and have a spicier filling than other börek.
Çiğ börek or Çibörek 'raw börek' is a half-round shaped börek, filled with raw minced meat and fried in oil on the concave side of the sac, very popular in places with a thriving Tatar community, such as Eskişehir, Polatlı and Konya.

Töbörek is another Tatar variety, similar to a çiğ börek, but baked either on the convex side of the sac, or in a masonry oven instead of being fried in oil.

Laz böreği, a specialty of the Rize region, is a sweet version, filled with muhallebi (Ottoman-style milk pudding or custard) and served sprinkled with powdered sugar. It similar with Greek Bougatsa.

Kürt Böreği is similar to Laz böreği, without the custard filling. It is also called sade (plain) börek and served with fine powdered sugar.

And my post today is one of common börek people make here, Spinach börek or Ispanaklı börek. Most of time I use cheese or peynir (turk) to mix with spinach as filling. But if you want to skip the cheese, feel free to double your spinach for the filling. And here my recipe for Ispanaklı peynirli börek.

Terbiyeli Tavuk çorbası ( Creamy seasoned Chicken soup)

Selam Everybody....Merhaba from Turkey...

Soup or çorba (read chor_ba) in Turkey is always served as first/ opening dish in dinner or lunch time before we go to main dish. If you check my other Turkish soup you will find that mostly Turkish soup are creamy one as people's preferred. Use yogurt and or flour as sauce and thicken the soup.

Unlike Indonesian or other Asian soup, Turkish soups are smooth and no big chunk of meat or vegetable used. If using meat, cut it into very small chunks. For vegetable soup mostly we blend it to smooth and creamy.

Terbiyeli Tavuk çorbası ( Creamy seasoned Chicken soup)
And nothing can comfort us during cold days than a family and good creamy soup on our dinner table. And this tebiyeli tavuk çorbası it might become your choice too for bring the warmth into your house ^,^


Chocolate Chiffon Cake (resep oke Chiffon kek coklat !!)

Resep dalam bahasa Indonesia ada dibagian bawah.

Chocolate Chiffon Cake (resep oke Chiffon kek coklat !!) | Çitra's Home Diary. #chocolatechiffon #chiffoncakerecipe #chocolatecake #bestchiffoncakerecipe #resepchiffoncake #valentinebakingidea

Selam everybody..... Merhaba from Turkey.....

This is my 1st chiffon cake I made in Turkey! Yes, 1st I made chiffon cake in Turkey because I didn't have bundt pan special for chiffon here. I did make chiffon cake before when I was in Indonesia because we had chiffon pan. And if you don't have chiffon pan in Indonesia (or mostly Asian countries) you'll easily get it in baking ware shop anywhere you meet.

Once I tried to bring it from my homeland 2 years ago and kept it in my luggage....And when I open my baggage...gosh....it was flat!! I was so disappointed and feel eerie to thought how bad "baggage people" handled our luggage!

Maybe because in Turkey people don't really familiar with chiffon cake (or maybe angle food cake) so I couldn't find it offline on bake ware shop or any shop like that here. There are some online shop but it's so expensive for me and it'll take months to delivered here cause they import from China or other Asian countries. 
So I decide to wait until I home to Indonesia or maybe somebody would go home to Indonesia and I'll ask help to bring one for me (^,^) with special note of course remembering my first bad experiment brought a pan in luggage (^,^)

And one day.... in very cold, snowy and boring day... I decide to take a walk to central market (we call it çarsı). My home is near that central market so anytime I'm boring I just drag my self there. That central çarsı is also tourists spot in Bursa, so it's big and never boring me although I went there many times.

So anywaaayyyy... I went into one glassware shop, nothing specific to look for...just wandering around and window shop sometime enough for me.... but that day I saw a cake mold similar to chiffon cake mold. It's written at label as angel food cake mold, but it's non stick pan and the bottom is fix (un-removable) like normally chiffon cake mould.

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