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STRAWBERRY CHIFFON CAKE, best recipe from fresh strawberry

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STRAWBERRY CHIFFON CAKE, best recipe from fresh strawberry

Selam everyone.
Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Weekend in my house means "cake day" or "more snack" day. Because mostly I bake cake or make another special dessert at weekend. When all family stay at home whole day.
Even sometimes I bake cake at weekday but mostly end up keeping at refrigerator cause after dinner my husband doesn't want to eat cake. We prefer have something light and creamy like milk pudding or bake rice pudding.

İt has been a while I didn't post any chiffon cake again after my last "Pandan Chiffon cake". So for my weekend baking, today is this yummy, cotton soft and good looking strawberry chiffon cake. A very light spongy cake with soft crumb, made from fresh strawberry. I like chiffon cake and my kid loves it so much. The light of the cake is so perfect for our tea time. You'll not feel too full that's why you can not eat only one slice 😏

STRAWBERRY CHIFFON CAKE, best recipe from fresh strawberry

Chiffon cake is such a beautiful and easy cake to make and widely can vary in flavor we like. Check also my hearty spinach chiffon cake also, you gonna love it and your kid will never notice they eat vegetables in their cake too. 
Also check my Orange chocolate marble chiffon cake, I bet you gonna love it and it's such a repeatable cake to bake. 
And for you chocolate cake lover.. you should try my previous Chocolate chiffon cake.


Soft Bread With Sausage Topping (Sausagebread) / Roti Sosis.

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Hello everybody.......... Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Baking bread became my daily routine since I married 11 years ago. I didn't bake many bread back long time ago before I married.

One, we ( Asian) mostly eat rice and (or) noodle as main carbohydrate source. 
We have bread as well mostly soft bread and it taste somehow sweet. And we eat soft bread generally for snacking between main meal time or in our breakfast. 

Our bread mostly has various sweet topping or filling even some use sausage and cheese as filling or topping.

Soft Bread With Sausage Topping  (#Sausagebread) / Roti Sosis.| Çitra's Home Diary.



Resep dalam Bhs Indonesia ada dibagian bawah

Selam everybody........ Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Hope this post meets you in happy and healthy condition. In this crisp of breezy fall most of us especially kids easily get sick. Just keep warm and take a lot of vitamins.

Just what happen to my kid recently. So she must stayed at home for few days, didn't go to school nor anywhere... poor my little girl 😢

My kid easily get bore.. so during her stay in house I was thinking to make her a little "busy" and "occupied" without disturbing her rest time too much. 
I made her homemade play dough to play and stay away a bit from tablet/ phone.
We also baked her favorite Sausage bread roll together 😊
And I made her special and new thing for her..... Spinach noodle !

My kid enjoy both Turkish food or Indonesian food. So she already familiar with noodle. She even love it, especially fried noodle.
So when I made her this green color noodle, her expression was so priceless 😍.
She was so amazed by the color of her noodle. " This is my first time seeing green noodle Mummy!"- she said to me 😊
"Of course there are always first time for you dear"- I smile 😊

--And my princess, you will find many things which first time for you in your life. Just come to mummy and ask anything that left you clueless........... 💚--



Resep dalam Bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Merhaba from Türkiye everybody 👋

Pogačice (diminutive of pogača) is a type of pastry.
Pogača, Poğaça or Pogacha (Cyrillic: Πогача) is a type of pastry eaten in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia (in Serbia, traditional in Belgrade bakeries), Montenegro, Hungary, Greece (where its called Bogatsa Μπογατσα) and Turkey (where it is called poğaça) with variations.

It is called pogatschen in Austria. 

Pogača is sometimes served hot as an appetizer instead of bread. Hot pogača filled with sour cream (or feta cheese in Turkey and Bulgaria) is considered a particularly delicious specialty.
Mostly eaten for breakfast but also as appetizer during noon together with Turkish bulgur salad (kısır), or potato salad and hot tea.

In Turkey there are few type of Poğaça... some use yeast (they call mayalı Poğaça) and some use baking powder. 
For yeast version you can visit my previous post here and here


New favorite -- Best Double Chocolate Coffee Cookies

Resep dalam Bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Merhaba everybody 👋.......... Selam from Türkiye

Yaayyy.....Cookie again.. after a while I didn't post any cookies recipe. Not because I didn't bake any... but mostly my kid and husband always request same cookies so many time. For you who curious about my other cookies recipe, you can click "COOKİES" category on my page. 

You can find 50+ different cookies recipes start from cheesy savory till addicted chocolate cookies.
Start from traditional cookie from Indonesia until Turkish style cookies / short bread.
Yep... For new visitor....welcome to my colorful web page with many variety of diversity recipes and posts 😊

For you who wants to travel the taste to Indonesia, you can check my popular PINEAPPLE TART COOKIES a.k.a NASTAR. 

Or you are looking for cookies with aromatic spice, you should check my Speculaas butter Cookies or Spicy checkerboard cookies or American classic; Ginger snap cookies.

And don't forget to check my Macarons recipe as well for you macarons  lover 😍


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