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Turkish street food; İçli köfte (Stuffed meatball)

İçli köfte, in other country called kibbeh. During Ramadan, we can find many foods tends that open in some city spots. They sell many kinds of traditional food from different regions of Turkiye. One of them is this içli köfte or stuffed Meatballs from Erzurum tend.

If you want to try making this delicious içli köfte at home, you can check my recipe here.

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Today I'll take you on a short tour of one of the historical streets in Bursa. It is located in the middle of Bursa's historical inns and bazaars. The street, which was opened in 1906 as "Hamidiye" street, was closed to vehicle traffic in 2004.

Transportation on the street is maintained by a tram line in an east-west direction, which was built in 2011 and called the "nostalgic tramline". Cumhuriyet Street, which has come to the fore with its social function rather than its commercial function after it was closed to vehicle traffic, is still one of the important streets of Bursa in the field of curtains and decoration. 

There are 270 shops on the street, mostly selling glassware, carpets, and curtains. You can find souvenirs shops, restaurants, banks and more.


Hari ini saya akan mengajak Anda tur singkat ke salah satu jalan bersejarah di Bursa.

Terletak di tengah-tengah penginapan dan pasar bersejarah Bursa. Jalan yang dibuka pada tahun 1906 sebagai jalan "Hamidiye", ditutup untuk lalu lintas kendaraan pada tahun 2004.

Transportasi di jalan dikelola oleh jalur trem dengan arah timur-barat, yang dibangun pada tahun 2011 dan disebut "jalur trem nostalgia".

Jalan Cumhuriyet, yang telah mengemuka dengan fungsi sosialnya daripada fungsi komersialnya setelah ditutup untuk lalu lintas kendaraan, masih menjadi salah satu jalan penting Bursa.

Ada 270 toko di jalan, kebanyakan menjual barang pecah belah, karpet, dan gorden. Anda dapat menemukan toko suvenir, restoran, bank, dan lainnya.

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