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Kari (kare) Udang terong / Shrimp and eggplant curry- my mom's style

Selam everybody.... Merhaba from Turkey.

I crave for curry for this couple weeks. I made chicken or fish curry mostly. Actually I miss my mom's crab curry with eggplant and long beans in it.
But what to do... sadly I couldn't find any big crab here in town I'm living. The last time I ate crab was 3 years ago when I was in my homeland.

After I checked up my freezer, I found a kilo of shrimps-I almost forgot I have a shrimp from last 2 months ago.
So I should cook them soon. And since I miss to eat my mom's crab curry, so I wanna try to substitute crab with shrimps for my mom's curry.

Immediately I whatsapp my sister asking mom's crab curry recipe--glad living in fast technology era--I got answer instantly for the recipe...But as usual (or like mostly 'homy chef'), mom's answer only the ingredients...not specify how much for each ingredients.
She said: "dikira-kira saja" means approximately/ as your prefer taste.

Well.... if you are asking any moms out there about their recipe they cook almost everyday for the family... probably you'll get same asnwer as mine (^,^)
All you should do is just remembering actual taste of the meal your mom cooked for you.

Yep..so here I am making my mom's version of crab curry using shrimps with ingredients "clue" from my mom with flavor/ taste I should adjust to make it same as my mom's.
And the result..... taaddaaa.... yes! I can feel like home when I eat it. So I can say It's my mom's curry indeed...
I wish my mom could taste it s well....... ☺

If you want veggie version of this curry, you can! Sometimes I made just with long bean or green bean and eggplant only. Add some fried tofu puff before serving and you'll get best veggie curry ever. But please don't skip the eggplant. 
Do you know that eggplant has ssooo many benefit and full of nutrient? Yep.. most of us should knew that all vegetables have many benefit and nutrition. 

But eggplant is so special. I found a really good article about this eggplant from Well-being secret mention that this Eggplant is mainly know for its high antioxidant which provide wide variety of health benefits. Read more about this wonderful eggplant from Well-being secret here.

Kue kering #PutriSalju II / snow white cookies II

Resep dalam bahasa Indonesia ada dibagian bawah

Selam everybody..... Merhaba from Turkey....

When latest week of Ramadhan like now days.... and when eid-el Fitr getting near...most muslim family in Indonesia would be very much busy to prepare  things for welcoming biggest Muslim religion festivals.

If you live in Indonesia, the vibrancy and spirit of Eid-el Fitr sorely can be felt from malls, supermarket, offices, terminals until kitchen at the last week of Ramadhan like now days.
Malls gets very much crowded triple like normal days. Kids are the happiest one cause they will have plenty of new clothes for Eid-el Fitr * I'm missing my childhood.
Hectic also increase at many terminals since people start flooded the terminal for travelling to their home town.

And since many family member mostly already home for spending last week of Ramadhan, the most busy person at home of course, MOMS! (^,^)

And part of kitchen hectic at Indonesian's family is making cookies. A lot of them. We make many kind of traditional cookies like Kaastengel, Nastar (pineapple tart), semprit butter cookies and many other. Also this Putri Salju cookies. 
These cookies are like "a must cookies" on our living room table during eid-el Fitr.

My today's post is another Putri Salju cookies. I made this cookies before but with different recipe, check my previous Putri Salju cookies here for another version.
Both recipe I think are great and will give you best snow white cookies for your family and friends. 

Try both recipe and tell me which one suits your taste.


Resep Bubur Candil / Indonesian glutinous balls sweet porridge

Please Scroll down for recipe in English 

Bubur Candil is one of the traditional Indonesian food made of glutinous rice flour. Processed by simply adding warm water into glutinous rice flour (mix with rice flour) and round shapes resembled marbles and cooked in thick brown palm/ coconut sugar sauce. Served with a tasty thick coconut milk. #İndonesian #glutinousrice #tepungketan #buburcandil #porridge #breakfast #coconutmilk

Assalamu'alaikum semuanya...... Merhaba dari Turkey

Bubur candil adalah salah satu makanan tradisional Indonesia yang terbuat dari tepung ketan. Diolah secara sederhana dengan menambahkan air hangat lalu dibentuk bulat menyerupai kelereng dan dimasak dalam saus gula merah yang legit. Disajikan dengan santan kental yang gurih.

Walau rasanya manis dan legit, bubur candil ini tidak dikategorikan dessert atau pencuci mulut karena sifatnya yang mengenyangkan. Saya biasanya suka makan bubur ini di pagi hari sebagai sarapan ringan saja sebagai pengganti nasi. 

Di bulan puasa bubur candil (juga beberapa jenis bubur manis lainnya) sering dasajikan sebagai takjil* atau makanan pembuka di kala iftar/ buka puasa.

(*) Ta'jil berasal dari bahasa Arab yang bermakna menyegerakan berbuka (puasa), jadi tidak ada hubungannya dengan makanan. Tapi di Indonesia istilah ta'jil menjadi umum digunakan sebagai ungkapan makanan pembuka iftar/ buka puasa yang biasanya manis. Nabi Muhammad s.a.w telah memberi tauladan memakan buah kurma sebagai awal iftar.

Bubur Candil is one of the traditional Indonesian food made of glutinous rice flour. Processed by simply adding warm water into glutinous rice flour (mix with rice flour) and round shapes resembled marbles and cooked in thick brown palm/ coconut sugar sauce. Served with a tasty thick coconut milk. #İndonesian #glutinousrice #tepungketan #buburcandil #porridge #breakfast #coconutmilk
Ramadhan tahun ini saya lagi pengen makan segala macem bubur manis khas Indonesia. Beberapa hari lalu saya bikin bubur ketan hitam yang sudah menjadi favorit mulai kecil, resepnya bisa dilihat di link ini.

Kali ini saya postingkan bubur candil yang penuh kenangan masa kecil juga. Biasanya saya beli bubur manis dan gurih dari penjual bubur khas Madura. Macem bubur Madura itu banyak banget, ada bubur sumsum, bubur ketan hitam, bubur srontol, mutiara dan bubur candil ini juga salah satunya.
Sukkaaa banget bubur candil ini karena rasanya legit dengan bola kenyal dari tepung ketan di dalamnya.

Tavuk Şiş Kebabı / Turkish Style Chicken Sish Kebabs

Selam everybody.... Merhaba from Turkey....

In Turkey you will find ssooo many.... I mean MANY! kind of kebab varieties. The list would be very long if I mention one by one. But what I will share today is one kind from those many.

It's Tavuk Şiş KebabıTavuk means Chicken in Turkish language, Şiş Kebabı is skewer kebab/ kabob.
The spice using for this sish kebab is commonly use for any kind sish kebab that usually sold at kebab lokanta (restorant) here.


Bubur Ketam Hitam / Indonesian Black glutinous rice porridge in coconut sauce

Selam everybody .... Merhaba from Turkey ....

We are welcoming Ramadhan this early June. It is so much full of joy and blessing that we still can meet Ramadhan again this year, Alhamdulillah (^,^)

If you were living in Indonesia, you will feel how Ramadhan atmosphere affects in almost any routine activities. Usually students have shorter time at school. Some offices (not all though) also change their working hour earlier so they can finish their work earlier as well so they can have iftar with family at home.

When it comes to the fasting month of Ramadhan, most of Indonesians can get more excited, I am talking about their appetite of food. The Moms at home prepare many meals more than they usually serve daily. We try to complete our iftar table start from ta'jil*, entree until dessert and even snacks. Things that we hardly ever do daily. (^,^)

*Ta'jil (read; taqjeel) is from Arabic language means to hasten the fast break. But lately now days often defined as food for breaking the fast. In Islam it is recommended before having meal to eat snack first, preferably something sweet like dates as exemplified by the prophet Muhammad SAW

When we are talking about ta'jil, today I am going to share "bubur ketan hitam" literally mean black glutinous porridge. In Indonesia, especially in Java island it’s known as Bubur Ketan Hitam. In places with thick Malay influences (such as Sumatra and small islands around it) this is called Bubur Pulut Hitam. Meanwhile in Bali island people calls it Bubur Injin

Just like making other porridge, black glutinous rice cooked in a lot of water (some people cook in thin coconut milk) until it tender and gets porridge consistency. Adding gula jawa / coconut palm sugar as sweetened  then serve with thick light savory coconut milk.


Melt in your mouth Peanut butter #cookies / Kue kering selai kacang (putih telur)

Resep dalam bahasa Indonesia ada di bagian bawah.

Selam everybody.... Merhaba from Turkey.

If you are peanut butter lover, you should love this cookies. It's my new fave! The texture is so perfect, it will melt in your moth with light sweetness. I use crunchy peanut butter with tiny chunks in it, so it even gives me additional crunchy texture in every bites. 
If you can't find crunchy peanut butter you still can make this with smooth peanut butter.

And do you believe that I made these yummy cookies from left over egg white which stays in my fridge for a while. Well... I'm kinda not in the mood making macarons lately, so I decide to use my left over egg white for baking some cookies. After all, Eid-al fitr will come in couple weeks and Eid-al Fitr is always celebrating by jars and jars of cookies in my house (^,^)

So..voallaa... this peanut butter cookies will be new comer among many other traditional cookies I mostly made every Eid-al Fitr.


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