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Adana Kebab. Best and authentic recipe make it at home! / Adana Kebap. Recipe with video.

Merhaba From Türkiye 👋

First of all, I'd like to thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you can come back, again and again, to check up any beyond Indonesian or Turkish food or something sweets that you might love. Your comments and emails brighten my days and make this simple blog thing worthwhile 😍💛

Adana Kebab. Best and authentic recipe. #turkishfood  #resepmasakanturki #caramembuatkebabturki #middleeast #kebab #lamb #meat #kofta #adanakebab #bbq #mangal #authenticrecipe

Adana kebab is a hand-minced meat kebab, mounted on a wide long skewer then grilled (mangal) over charcoal. This kebab mostly has a spicy distinguished taste due to the addition of a lot of spicy Urfa biber / isot biber
Urfa biber is a dried Turkish chili pepper (type of Capsicum annuum cultivatedorigin from Urfa (Şanlıurfa- one province in southeast Turkey) 

This kebab named after the city where this famous kebab came from - Adana.
Adana is the 6th big city in population (2016) in Turkey (south).

You may want to try this Çökertme kebabı also

Urfa biber / isot biber

There is also similar to this kebab named Urfa kebabı ( from Şanlıurfa) or people calls haşhaş kebabı which is less spicy than Adana kebab.

But İ assure you those kebabs are extremely delicious and once you eat it you won't forget the taste and you will ask more. 😋

Even the kebabs from Adana city (far away to south Anatolia), no need to worry if you visit Turkey (Istanbul or other cities) you'll find this Adana kebab seller everywhere almost in each city. But still-of course-you must visit Adana to taste the real bud of Adana kebab 😊



Resep dalam bhs İndonesia ada dibagian bawah

Selam...Merhaba from Türkey.

İt's pineapple tart cookies AGAIN...!! 😉
YYaaayyy..... İ hope you are not bored with it. Yep. This is the MOST repeatable cookie İ made for our cookie jar.
İ lloovvee it and never get bored of it. İf you know what pineapple tart cookies ( İnd, Nastar) is and you ate them before İ believe you like them as well.

Pineapple tarts cookies is one of Indonesian traditional (and some neighbouring countries) cookies that commonly made and serve during religious holiday such as Eid-el Fitr or christmas along with many other traditional cookies like; kaastengelsputri saljupastel miniButter cokies or simple chocolate cookies and more.

But in my house, no need to wait until holiday season to have this melt in mouth yummy cookies. Me and family always have evening tea time just like other Turkish family~and it would be very nice to have some cookies with it, right?
So I always have jars full with some cookies and this pineapple tarts cookies (nastar) is almost never empty cause I love it so much!
With sweet slightly sour taste from homemade pineapple jam inside of melting yummy cookie dough, nothing can beat this favorite tarts till now.

Even İ make this nastar quite often, as İ mentioned above-we never boring of it because we can vary it as many as we can. Just check my COOKİES CATEGORY to see my "nastar" variations. Just like today, İ make cheesy pineapple tart cookie. Adding some cheese into the dough definitely enrich the taste of this classic Indonesian cookies. 💙


Best Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake / Bolu Gulung Cokelat yang lezat

Resep dalam Bhs İndonesia ada dibagian bawah

Selam.... Merhaba from Türkey.

Roll Cake... something you never stop eating only one slice.

Especially when it's good...

And this chocolate roll cake is great! Really good.

İ have been trying so many recipes before and they were all turning out deliciously. But this is my second chocolate swiss roll beside my old post Almond Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake.

Found this recipe on youtube by Michael Lim and it really worth keeper recipe.

Absolutely will repeat making it since İ love the recipe and more important is my family like it too.

Best Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake / Bolu Gulung Cokelat yang lezat. #swissrollcake #chocolaterollcake #cakerecipes #dessert #chocolatedessert

Different from traditional Indonesian roll cake which requires small amount of cake emulsifier, this recipe use a separated egg method to allow the cake fluffy and soft.

The cake also moist and has delicate pores and crumbs. The sweetness is just perfect for us. And the most important thing for roll cake is this cake flexible and easy to roll, no crack problem.

The cake vanished just in one day! 
You should try it too and tell me how do you like it.


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