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Açma / Turkish soft bagel

Resep dalam bhs İndonesia ada dibagian bawah

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Açma / Turkish soft bagel | Çitra's Home Diary. #turkishfoodrecipe #açmatarifi #resepmasakanturki #simit #turkishbagel #softbread #softbagel #breakfast

If you love Turkish food, you may hear about simit or Turkish bagel. A big ring shape bread covered with sesame seeds and is one of famous street food in Turkey.
You can check how to make homemade simit here and here.

And today I will share another Turkish delicacy; Açma or Turkish soft bagel. Yep.... this is a soft version of Turkish bagel. If simit has crunch skin outside while chewy inside, this soft bagel version has a cotton-soft texture.

Usually, it also sold together with simit and other traditional or nontraditional Turkish patisserie products.

Açma generally made without filling, but during the processed butter applied over the dough before rolling it into a ring shape. That butter gives such a delicious and distinguishes taste when you tear the bagel, it'll wire-like texture.

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