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#Strawberry Labneh Cheese Souffle Cake with Strawberry compote

Selam everybody. Merhaba from Turkey.

İf you are my regular reader you should probably familiar with my labneh cheese recipe. You may already know (or tried-maybe) my latest Labneh souffle cheesecake with spicy warm honey fig.
What about my fave dessert ever; Three tone Labneh "Cheese" Chocolate mousse . Or simply delicious Yogurt "Cheese" Souffle Cake
Well yes..İ am using labneh a lot daily not even for dessert but also for soup and other cooks.

What is labneh cheese? it's yogurt that has been strained to remove its whey, resulting in a thicker consistency than unstrained yogurt. Due to the straining process to remove excess whey, even non-fat varieties of strained yogurt are much thicker, richer, and creamier than yogurts that have not been strained.

Fresh labneh, made from yogurt with live or active cultures are a very healthy food that contain probiotics, that enhance the immune system, lower cholesterol, aid in digestion, protect against constipation, protect against diarrhea, improve lactose digestibility.
Labneh is like yogurt is an excellent source of protein, casein, whey, beneficial fats, carbohydrates, as well as vitimins and minerals (B12, Calcium, Phosphorus and Riboflavin.) Labneh has less lactose and sugar than regular yogurt.


Etsiz Çiğ Köfte / Turkish Meatless Raw kofte "meatball"

Selam.....Merhaba from Turkey.

Merhaba..... Have you been to Turkey before? 
Turkey, where you can indulge your eyes with countless beautiful and historical places and scenes. And the place which satisfy your taste with dozens of shockingly delicious street foods. 

Many of my previous post of Turkish food are street food with homemade style cause İ love experiment and taste new flavor of Turkish street food then try to copy for cooking at home.
But of course İ love to learn basic and traditional Turkish food that local women serve for their family as well.
And my post today is Etsiz Çiğ Köfte, literally means meatless raw "meatball". İt's no meat version of Çiğ Köfte (read; chee kuf-te),  one of Turkey's favorite fast food/ street food. The raw meat (non fat) mixed and knead with fine grain bulgur and many kind of baharat / spices. Çiğ Köfte traditionally shaped in small long balls serve with many fresh vegetables, cucumber pickle and chili pepper pickle, with adding of sour pomegranate molasses (nar eksisi) and lemon juice. Some love to enjoy with lavash (flatbread) while other just wrap it with lettuce. 



Resep dalam bhs İndonesia klik disini

KUE KERİNG KACANG / INDONESİAN PEANUT COOKİES. #kuekeringlebaran #chrismastcookies #peanutcookies  #kuekeringkacang #Indonesiancookies

Selam everybody....Merhaba from Turkey.

This Peanut cookie is one of many other İndonesian old traditional cookies. İ grew up with these cookies. İ remember had these cookies every Eid Fitr holiday when my late grandmother or my family took me and siblings visited some relatives and family's friend.
At that time (around 1980's) we still could find this peanut cookie easily, at least every Eid Fitr or Christmas holiday. Until İ think around the middle 1990's it became less popular among other classic cookies (kaastengels, nastar, butter cookies, etc).

Even it became less popular compare to other classic and modern cookies, still, some small stalls sold this peanut cookie until İ didn't remember exactly when it became less and less to find especially in big cities.

İ left my homeland Surabaya around the year 2000 and started my new academic career in Jakarta and since then İ never ate or saw that cookies anymore until now year 2017 😢
But İ still remember exactly how it tastes and İ miss it now.

KUE KERİNG KACANG / INDONESİAN PEANUT COOKİES. #kuekeringlebaran #chrismastcookies #peanutcookies  #kuekeringkacang #Indonesiancookies

Mantis Shrimp Curry Noodle made from scratch / Mie Kari (kare) udang ronggeng

Resep dalam Bhs İndonesia ada di bagian bawah.

Mantis Shrimp Curry Noodle made from scratch / Mie Kari (kare) udang ronggeng

Selam everybody.....Merhaba from Turkey.

This is my kind of comfort food. Nothing more indulges and fulfills my longing for my mom's cook than this hearty, warming and rich flavor of this curry noodle. This bowl always my number one choice whenever İ want to be "selfish" in my dinner table 😏
Selfish.... yes cause my husband doesn't like this kind of curry. He prefer simple food with "simple" flavor 😔

Whenever İ want to cook curry..İ always remember my mom. She is the best cooks around the house. İ learnt many foods from her. We (me and my siblings) all grew up with my mom's heavenly yummy food. İ Love and always remember her curries especially crab and seafood curry.
And my curry noodle also inspired by my mom's curry style. Traditionally we eat curry with white steamed rice. But today İ like to combine my mom's style curry with another İndonesian staple; Mie or Noodle

Mantis Shrimp / Udang Ronggeng


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