♥♥ When two Cultures mixed (。◕‿◕。) Anything in my Page are only simple thing, but I did it with great love.

Melt in your mouth Oven Roasted Beef Tongue / Lidah sapi panggang yang enak dan empuk

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Selam everybody............
Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Tongue meat is rich in calories and fatty acids, as well as zinc, iron, choline, and vitamin B12. ... Folate is the vitamin in organ meats considered beneficial for fertility and for helping avoid fetal defects in a baby, such as spina bifida and heart problems

Tongue is a very well used muscle and it needs to be cooked for a long time over low heat to become tender, and it can be very tasty.
So if you want to try this recipe, you should have pre cooked beef tongue. How to cook / prepare beef( ox) tongue see this link here

I cooked beef tongue so many times, at least twice or three times in a month. My family enjoy it as well, especially this oven roasted beef tongue. The spices so simple and once you have precooked tongue in your fridge, you are ready to go with any recipes using this delicious beef tongue.
You can check my previous Indonesian style Braised Beef tongue / Bistik Lidah sapi


Classic Fruits Cake

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First of all, I'd like to thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you can come back again and again to check up any beyond Indonesian or Turkish food or something sweets that you might love. Your comments and emails brighten my days and make this simple blog thing worthwhile 😍💛

Classic Fruits Cake

Hello everybody..........
Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Hope this post meets you in healthy, happy and wonderful life ☙

Did you have idea for your holiday table coming soon? Maybe this Classic Fruitcake could be your new favorite menu.
İt's moist, full with many dried fruits, and do not skip the spices aroma which definitely reminds you of the real holiday in a place called HOME 🏡💟

A fruitcake should be rich, it should taste like dried fruit and spices. My fruitcake uses raisins, canned cherries, diced dried apricots, dates, and some orange juice with dark brown sugar and some spice. Pinch of salt in this recipe could bring up every sweet and sour from the fruits and compact the cake to perfection every bites. It should be dense and moist crumb.


Small batch quick and easy HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY JAM / Membuat selai strawberri sendiri

Hello everybody.......
Merhaba from Türkiye  👋

I know... sometimes when we open refrigerator and find a box left over strawberry that we are boring to eat fresh just like that, but those strawberry should be finish today or it will be end up to garbage.
So, turn it into jam is very wise and clever choice. 

If you are looking for quick and small batch version of strawberry jam, you come into right page. No pectin nor any preservatives in it. 
It is perfect for breakfast or for swiss roll filling as well.


Homemade Chewy and springy Noodles (from egg white only)

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Selam everybody.
Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Another homemade noodle! ... yaayy....
After my last spinach homemade noodle, me and my little girl can not stop to make another experience with homemade noodle.
İf you are my regular reader you might remember my very old post of making this egg noodle here and here
At that time I didn't use pasta machine to make this egg noodle. 

But today's egg noodle is slightly different in ingredients. Instead using whole egg, today I use only egg white. If you can find duck egg that's even better, unfortunately I hardly can find duck egg in my local market. I heard duck egg can add springy and chewy texture on noodle.

But it's okay also if you just use chicken egg, follow my step here and you will get the right texture you want. The key here is not to make your dough too wet. Just enough wet ingredients to pull all flour together- incorporate any clumps of dry flour, that's all. You don't have to knead the dough too much cause it will be very hard to knead.

The kneading process is actually on rolling process. So we must roll it again and again until the strong gluten develops and gives the chewy texture.

What is noodle? noodle made from an unleavened dough of a strong wheat flour mixed with water or eggs and formed into sheets or various shapes, then cooked by boiling or baking. In Asia there are many kind noodle base on ingredient, there is egg noodle, rice noodle, or glass noodle made from starch (such as mung bean starch, yam, potato starch, or cassava starch), and water.

Turkish Breakfast bread with potato filling / Patates Poğaça

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Turkish Breakfast bread with potato filling / Patates Poğaça

Selam everybody.......
Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Pogačice (diminutive of pogača) is a type of pastry. Pogača, Poğaça or Pogacha (Cyrillic: Πогача) is a type of pastry eaten in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia (in Serbia, traditional in Belgrade bakeries), Montenegro, Hungary, Greece (where its called Bogatsa Μπογατσα) and Turkey (where it is called poğaça) with variations. It is called pogatschen in Austria. 

Pogača is sometimes served hot as an appetizer instead of bread. Hot pogača filled with sour cream (or feta cheese in Turkey and Bulgaria) is considered a particularly delicious specialty.
Mostly eaten for breakfast but also as appetizer during noon together with Turkish bulgur salad (kısır), or potato salad and hot tea.

Turkish Breakfast bread with potato filling / Patates Poğaça


HOMEMADE Hot Dog Buns Recipe (eggless) and how to shape hot dog buns

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Selam everybody........... Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Another bread posting..!! 😊 Hope you are still enjoying my post..
Today's sharing is hot dog buns. Yes.... I know, we can always get it everywhere easily in market or bakery around each corner. 
But for me, make homemade things is making me happy. Raise your hand if you are with me ✋. 
And I think it's also cheaper than store bought.

İf you are my regular reader, maybe you still remember my homemade Burger bun. Also my homemade spinach egg noodle. Yes... I really enjoy making all at home! 😍
For you who has same passion as I do, you should check my "homemade" category here 😊 You will find 30+ homemade (DIY) things that I believe can inspire you as well.

Also if you want to see my other bread recipes please do visit my " Bread / buns" category here.


STRAWBERRY CHIFFON CAKE, best recipe from fresh strawberry

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STRAWBERRY CHIFFON CAKE, best recipe from fresh strawberry

Selam everyone.
Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Weekend in my house means "cake day" or "more snack" day. Because mostly I bake cake or make another special dessert at weekend. When all family stay at home whole day.
Even sometimes I bake cake at weekday but mostly end up keeping at refrigerator cause after dinner my husband doesn't want to eat cake. We prefer have something light and creamy like milk pudding or bake rice pudding.

İt has been a while I didn't post any chiffon cake again after my last "Pandan Chiffon cake". So for my weekend baking, today is this yummy, cotton soft and good looking strawberry chiffon cake. A very light spongy cake with soft crumb, made from fresh strawberry. I like chiffon cake and my kid loves it so much. The light of the cake is so perfect for our tea time. You'll not feel too full that's why you can not eat only one slice 😏

STRAWBERRY CHIFFON CAKE, best recipe from fresh strawberry

Chiffon cake is such a beautiful and easy cake to make and widely can vary in flavor we like. Check also my hearty spinach chiffon cake also, you gonna love it and your kid will never notice they eat vegetables in their cake too. 
Also check my Orange chocolate marble chiffon cake, I bet you gonna love it and it's such a repeatable cake to bake. 
And for you chocolate cake lover.. you should try my previous Chocolate chiffon cake.


Soft Bread With Sausage Topping (Sausagebread) / Roti Sosis.

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Hello everybody.......... Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Baking bread became my daily routine since I married 11 years ago. I didn't bake many bread back long time ago before I married.

One, we ( Asian) mostly eat rice and (or) noodle as main carbohydrate source. 
We have bread as well mostly soft bread and it taste somehow sweet. And we eat soft bread generally for snacking between main meal time or in our breakfast. 

Our bread mostly has various sweet topping or filling even some use sausage and cheese as filling or topping.

Soft Bread With Sausage Topping  (#Sausagebread) / Roti Sosis.| Çitra's Home Diary.



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Selam everybody........ Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Hope this post meets you in happy and healthy condition. In this crisp of breezy fall most of us especially kids easily get sick. Just keep warm and take a lot of vitamins.

Just what happen to my kid recently. So she must stayed at home for few days, didn't go to school nor anywhere... poor my little girl 😢

My kid easily get bore.. so during her stay in house I was thinking to make her a little "busy" and "occupied" without disturbing her rest time too much. 
I made her homemade play dough to play and stay away a bit from tablet/ phone.
We also baked her favorite Sausage bread roll together 😊
And I made her special and new thing for her..... Spinach noodle !

My kid enjoy both Turkish food or Indonesian food. So she already familiar with noodle. She even love it, especially fried noodle.
So when I made her this green color noodle, her expression was so priceless 😍.
She was so amazed by the color of her noodle. " This is my first time seeing green noodle Mummy!"- she said to me 😊
"Of course there are always first time for you dear"- I smile 😊

--And my princess, you will find many things which first time for you in your life. Just come to mummy and ask anything that left you clueless........... 💚--



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Merhaba from Türkiye everybody 👋

Pogačice (diminutive of pogača) is a type of pastry.
Pogača, Poğaça or Pogacha (Cyrillic: Πогача) is a type of pastry eaten in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia (in Serbia, traditional in Belgrade bakeries), Montenegro, Hungary, Greece (where its called Bogatsa Μπογατσα) and Turkey (where it is called poğaça) with variations.

It is called pogatschen in Austria. 

Pogača is sometimes served hot as an appetizer instead of bread. Hot pogača filled with sour cream (or feta cheese in Turkey and Bulgaria) is considered a particularly delicious specialty.
Mostly eaten for breakfast but also as appetizer during noon together with Turkish bulgur salad (kısır), or potato salad and hot tea.

In Turkey there are few type of Poğaça... some use yeast (they call mayalı Poğaça) and some use baking powder. 
For yeast version you can visit my previous post here and here


New favorite -- Best Double Chocolate Coffee Cookies

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Merhaba everybody 👋.......... Selam from Türkiye

Yaayyy.....Cookie again.. after a while I didn't post any cookies recipe. Not because I didn't bake any... but mostly my kid and husband always request same cookies so many time. For you who curious about my other cookies recipe, you can click "COOKİES" category on my page. 

You can find 50+ different cookies recipes start from cheesy savory till addicted chocolate cookies.
Start from traditional cookie from Indonesia until Turkish style cookies / short bread.
Yep... For new visitor....welcome to my colorful web page with many variety of diversity recipes and posts 😊

For you who wants to travel the taste to Indonesia, you can check my popular PINEAPPLE TART COOKIES a.k.a NASTAR. 

Or you are looking for cookies with aromatic spice, you should check my Speculaas butter Cookies or Spicy checkerboard cookies or American classic; Ginger snap cookies.

And don't forget to check my Macarons recipe as well for you macarons  lover 😍



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Merhaba from Türkiye 👋 

Indonesia has many....probably hundreds of variant of snacks. Start from traditional snacks e.g many kind of kueh basah (literally means wet / moist snacks), fried snacks (in Indonesian call gorengan) and other type of jajanan (snacks) mostly known as street food/ snack; for example batagor, siomay, kerak telur and more. 
Kueh basah are more often steamed than baked and normally have sweet taste, but some are savory as well. But not all of them using steamed method, named kue basah mostly because they are moist. 

Just like what İ want to share today. İt's including in kue basah- calls "Bolu kukus mekar". İt's a cup cake-like, cooked by steam process instead of bake in oven.  We call it "Bolu Kukus Mekar" in Indonesian language. Bolu means cake, Kukus= Steamed and "Mekar" means blooming like a flower. 
As you can see on my pictures here the steamed cup cake has crack surface like blooming.
This is also one of Indonesian traditional snack that been exist from long time ago.



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Selam everybody ...... Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

İf you are my page regular reader... you should probably know that I cook Indonesian and Asian cook more than Turkish food. 
Yep... daily I serve my mixed family with variant cuisine mostly Turkish food and Indonesian / Asian. Even not every day I eat Indonesian food but at least Asian spice always on my menu.
My kid enjoys both Indonesian/ Asian cuisine as much as Turkish food.

My husband still prefers Turkish food as main dish. Also, he starts to enjoy some Indonesian snacks or "kueh", Indonesian cookies that he never knew before or some beverages.
He likes  tofu and tempeh as well😊 

And today I will share one of my repeatable menu. İt's Kung pao Chicken... my fave! Maybe some of you think that cooking Asian food is complicated. And seeing long list of ingredients might discouraged you.
But actually, once you get all your ingredients on the table, cooking Asian food is very fast, quick and flavorful- you gonna love it and enjoy the food instantly.



Hello everybody.......
Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Baking bread is an almost daily routine for me. Any kind of bread, Asian style soft bread until artisan European style bread with chewy texture cause my husband is a bread eater. 
My kid, she enjoys everything. She can enjoy food from my culture as much as she likes Turkish food.
Me as Asian, mostly consume rice or noodle but of course, I can not resist hearty warm delicious soup with warm bread in chill days 😍

And since she started school a few years ago, baking burger bun is become my routine for her lunch box or sometimes for the fathers too.
And just today I want to share also with you since I have documented in pictures this time. This recipe I use for few years already and it works for me and turns into nice beautiful buns just like storebought.

You can check my other Bread recipe at Bread/ Bun category.

For you who never bake bread or bun before this recipe might be very easy for you to start. Here I make my own burger rings to get nice shape when it bakes but of course it's optional for you. İf you bake your own buns very often this ring pretty much help. You can get it ready at baking store but I prefer make them by my self.

Spicy Plum sauce Chicken Bowl / Ayam saus buah Prem

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Merhaba from Türkiye everybody 👋........... Selam.

You may agree that chicken is the cheapest protein source that we cook and eat daily. 
Same here at my house, my kid, and I love chicken so much.
Please check my chicken/poultry category if you want to know my various recipes cooking with chicken/ poultry in many styles; Turkish, Asian, Indonesian, or worldwide.

I like my chicken in many ways. Fry, grill, in soup or stew. For you who always looking for idea for kid's lunch box, you should try my homemade chicken nugget, or my cheese chicken balls, or Indonesian "kaki naga" .

And for my today post, İ am going to share my new fave Spicy Plum sauce Chicken. The sweet and sour in this recipe remind me of sweet and sour chicken, but it's deliciously different.

Maybe you remember previously I'd shared my homemade plum sauce. Beside soy sauce and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), plum sauce is one of my staple sauce in my pantry.
So if you are Asian food lover... you should have that sauce also in your pantry. You will ready anytime whenever you have Asian food party 😍


Indonesian style Braised Beef tongue / Bistik Lidah sapi

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Selam everybody..... Merhaba from Türkiye.

İt has been a while I didn't post anything. Been Veeerrryyy busy moving house. Last month we were moving into our new apartment. And I love our new home 🏠. Many sunshine with beautiful Bursa view from our balcony.

Moving house is pretty much exhausting. Packing and more packing especially with many glassware and small things from my kitchen.
Well... finally we made it. Even until today I still have some boxes not opened yet, but at least we already (almost) having normal routine life again. Especially I can cook in my new kitchen 😊

Anyway.. this is my late late post. I made this braised beef tongue few weeks ago before we were moving out. This is one of our repeatable menu in our home. I made this many times. So I can assure you gonna love it too.

You can check my previous post how to prepare the beef tongue before cook it here. For you who never cook with offal before, I think this braised beef tongue could be perfect start.
For you who love to cook with offal you can check my other post here
There you can find my other recipe that amazingly delicious make from offal...yep..maybe some of you will not touch that animal part and I won't try to convince you to love it 😊


FIRIN SÜTLAÇ / Best Recipe Turkish Bake Rice Pudding

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Selam everybody..... Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Fırın Sütlaç or bake rice pudding, one famous traditional dessert from Turkey. Served much better after keeping in the fridge to develop the texture and taste.
Some recipes can vary from one cookbook to another. Some people may add cornstarch or rice flour to their recipe. And mostly we use damla sakızı or mastic gum for this dessert. You can check my previous post for version using mastic gum here.

Other type of  Sütlaç is non bake, but both are just great. Try it and I believe your family will like it as well.


Please Scroll down For Recipe in English.

Assalamu'alaykum.........Merhaba dari Türki semuanya 👋

Apa kabar semuanya? ... Semoga dalam keadaan sehat dan berbahagia ya. Juga saya ingin ucapan selamat menunaikan İbadah puasa ya bagi teman muslim sekalian. 

Ramadhan tahun ini msh jatuh di musim panas, tp udah bergeser ke bulan Mei yang hawanya tidak terlalu panas... karena mungkin masih deket-deket musim semi ya. 
10 thn lalu, Ramadhan pertama saya di Turki jatuh bulan Agustus, puncak musim panas yg panasnya bisa sampai 42℃ diluar rumah. 
Puasa hari ini dimulai saat fajr pukul 03.41 pagi dan iftar nanti inshaallah pkl 20.30 malam. Jadi praktis kita berpuasa 17 jam . Tiap hari ada pergeseran waktu 1 atau 2 menit  waktu puasanya menjadi lebih lama.
Tadi pas ke pasar pukul 1 siang suhu diluar 30℃, tapi angin masih lumayan sepoi jadi tak terlalu panas.

Sebenarnya kalau Ramadhan saya cenderung malas makan, maunya buka cuman dengan minuman yang segar saja..sudah terasa kenyang. Tapi kan harus makan ya buat energi siang hari. Jadi saya masak kesukaan saya saja biar nafsu makan ada 😊 . İtupun saya makannya habis sholat İsya' jam 12 malam gitu deh.
Jadilah saya masak Lontong kikil ini, kebetulan anak sayapun suka, sampai mau nambah-nambah kalau makan 😤. 

Karena saya asli surabaya jadi saya bikin lontong kikil ini yang khas Surabaya ya. Tapi memang masakan kikil yang terkenal ya dari Surabaya ya.

Lontongnya saya bikin malam sebelumnya. Untuk yang ingin tahu bagaimana cara membuat lontong pakai magic com bisa dilihat di link ini ya. Tapi saya kali ini bikin lontongnya gak paka magic com, tapi pakai plastik saja. 

Yuuk..yang pengen wisata kuliner khas Surabaya di rumah silahkan coba resep lontong kikil Surabaya a la saya, dijamin ketagihan deh 😚


Süt Helvası / Turkish dessert; Bake Milk Pudding

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This dessert well know from city of Bursa, where I am living. Everybody know and love this milk pudding. Every kids grow up with this simple yet delicious dessert. Beside Fırın Sütlaç or other sweets, this süt helvası is always on iftar menu in every Turkish family.

Selam everybody............ Merhaba from Türkiye 👋 .

Ramadhan Mübarek for you my friends who celebrating Ramadan feast this month. Wishing you and family blessed and joyful Ramadhan.... May Allah accept all your prayers in this holy month.

Ramadhan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and the month in which the Quran was revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month is spent by Muslims fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset.

This dessert well know from city of Bursa, where I am living. Everybody know and love this milk pudding. Every kids grow up with this simple yet delicious dessert. Beside Fırın Sütlaç or other sweets, this süt helvası is always on iftar menu in every Turkish family.

During Ramadan, two main meal are served. İftar, is the meal to break the fast after sunset. Typically, people will enjoy dates, dried apricots and Ramadan juices, before heading to evening prayer.
And Suhoor is a meal taken just before sunrise (the fajr), before the day of fasting starts.

Ramadan is known for its wide variety of irresistible meals as an iftar. And it cannot be completed without having dessert or sweets. I know, in Ramadhan we should prepare our body and soul more on ibadah than cooking but as a mother we should also provide our family with good quality of food during Ramadhan.


Turkish Recipe; Dızmana / Göçmen Böreği

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Selam.... Merhaba from Türkiye.. 👋

We call this dızmana (read;desh-mana), dizman or dıclama. But mostly people just named it göçmen böreği

İt's not really like pastry you probably know which made from thin layers of phyllo dough or puff pastry or flaky dough pastry.
İt's a pastry dish, bread-like pour with yogurt egg sauce then bake.
Sometimes fill with cheese or mashed potatoes, but plain without any filling also as good as with filling.

This dızmana is commonly made in Bulgaria by Thracian immigrants. But now everybody across regions also love to bake it.
Also see my other Turkish pastry (börek) in "Börekler" category.


Sausage Bread Roll / Roti gulung Sosis

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Selam. Merhaba from Türkey everybody 🙋

Bread is a staple here at my house. I bake bread almost every day. Any kind of bread. For daily consume I bake no-knead artisan-style bread once in every two days-but if we get guess come over our house I bake more.

You can check my bread category to see my bread recipes.

Local bread here has like other European bread which has crusty exterior and chewy soft inside. Different from Asian style bread which mostly has cotton soft in texture and most probably has a slightly sweet taste.

Including Indonesian people. Bread is not staple for us. Yes sometimes we eat it for breakfast or brunch. But mostly we enjoy bread as snacking or "dessert" that is why our bread has soft in texture and slightly sweet. 
We vary our soft bread start from beef/ chicken floss until jam. Sausage, cheese, chocolate, banana, pineapple, meat, chicken... you mention .. we have all 😊


My ultimate Turkish bagel; Simit Recipe / Resep Simit Khas Turki

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Selam..Merhaba from Türkey everybody

Simit....is  Turkish style bagel. 
Famous among all Turkish people or people who had visited Turkey. İt's very difficult to turn your head and did not find this- round, chewy inside, cover with sesame- bread. 
You can find it easily in every corner or mobile seller in Istanbul's street.
I can say this bagel is Turkish' signature. Write this on your "must try" list when you plan to visit Turkey 😊

Every kid grew up with this simit. Every adult will miss this simit while they were away from their homeland. People can eat it almost everyday, every morning, every afternoon with a glass of hot Turkish tea or cold ayran (Turkish yogurt drink).
This is one of fast food breakfast for busy worker or students in hurry to school.

Pretzel Kaastengels / Pretzel savoury Cheesy Cookies

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Selam.......... Merhaba from Türkiye everybody.

My 1st post in year 2019. I know.... been a while. But İnshaallah I will not quit writing and share my passion for cooking. 
When I was younger I cooked for my siblings and my family since my mom worked at that time and mostly already tired after that.

My aunties also master in cooking. She cooked for the crowd and she was good on it. Took orders from neighbors and friends.
But since she's getting older now, she refuses some request for healthy reason.
But my younger aunt still do it.


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