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MANTI ÇORBASI / Turkish Ravioli soup

Merhaba from Turkiye Everybody!!! It's been ages I had gone.. but believe me I didn't neglect my blog... as You can see I did something again to my blog page ..I changed the appearance...What do you think about this new look?? please tell me, I need your opinion :)
And sorry for not write any post since I've been busy with my lil baby... but time flies so fast..she is growing up now...almost 2 year old...she turns into adorable lil angel :)

She likes eating with bare hand (just like her mommy :p ) and her favorite food now is fruty yogurt. She also likes soup and some Indonesian foods as well.

And taaddaaa.... now I'll share our family fave soup ! Ravioli Soup ( Mantı Çorba). So yummy and creamy..you and family gonna love it! try and tell me what do you think.. :)

Served 4 ~ 5 portions
Ingredients A:
- 2 small bowls of ravioli (about 300 g)--  you can use homemade mantı here or this recipe to make by your own
- 1 cup pre-cooked chickpea (about 100 gr)
- 1 egg yolk
- ¾ tbsp flour
- 1 cup yogurt
- Salt and dried mint 


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