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Checkerboard Cookies / Kue Kering Domino

Resep dalam Bhs Indonesia ada dibagian bawah

Selam everybody....Merhaba from Türkiye.

I fell blues cause the sun left me..
I lost my passion since the summer left my door..
Do not ask me why...
Sun and summer is my soul.

Well... Just give me some cookies and coffee.. maybe I won't escape from the winter 😄
Yep.. cookies and my (and my kid) are friend. Maybe because I am "snack" person who enjoy small meal between our main meal time.

And if you already knew me.. cookies are always on my house, not just during holiday time but always. 

Today İ am going to share my ultimate checkerboard cookies. My kid loves it so much, and when she brought them to school and shared with her friends. The kids were so happy and they liked it! 😍
Some of them even asked my kid to bring again another day 😃
Well... any kid should love cookies, right?! 😃

If you are fans of checkerboard cookies, you should try this soon. For you who love matcha / green tea, you even substitute the cocoa with matcha powder. Next time I will post my matcha version of this checkerboard cookies.


Indonesian Lamb or mutton satay with peanut sauce / Sate Kambing Bumbu Kacang

Resep Dalam Bhs Indonesia bisa dilihat di sini

Selam Everybody...........Merhaba from Türkiye.

Satay is a grilled meat dish famous throughout Southeast-Asia. Indonesians consider it a national dish conceived by street vendors. These tasty meat skewers are most popular with chicken, beef also lamb or mutton. We also have vegetarian satay version use tofu and tempeh instead of meat. 
Traditionally it served with white steamed rice or cake rice (Ind; ketupat and lontong). 

And generally it served with fresh cucumber pickle as well. Some area (like Madura island) serve together with bone soup or in middle Java serve this satay with gulai tongseng.

So if you want this satay in quick, you should prepare your white rice or cake rice in advance. Also you need to make peanut sauce and fresh pickled cucumber in ahead.

In Indonesia it self there are many types of satay from various regions and of various ingredients. For example, from Padang city (Sumatra), I like satay Padang. There are also "sate kelapa" (beef satay wrapped with grated coconut-My best favorite)-it's mostly common from Madura Island, quail eggs satay, clam satay, 'tempeh' and tofu satay or mushroom satay for vegetarian option.
And there are dozens of other types of satay (which is nearly I have eaten already). 


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