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Resep dalam Bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Merhaba from Türkiye 👋 

Indonesia has many....probably hundreds of variant of snacks. Start from traditional snacks e.g many kind of kueh basah (literally means wet / moist snacks), fried snacks (in Indonesian call gorengan) and other type of jajanan (snacks) mostly known as street food/ snack; for example batagor, siomay, kerak telur and more. 
Kueh basah are more often steamed than baked and normally have sweet taste, but some are savory as well. But not all of them using steamed method, named kue basah mostly because they are moist. 

Just like what İ want to share today. İt's including in kue basah- calls "Bolu kukus mekar". İt's a cup cake-like, cooked by steam process instead of bake in oven.  We call it "Bolu Kukus Mekar" in Indonesian language. Bolu means cake, Kukus= Steamed and "Mekar" means blooming like a flower. 
As you can see on my pictures here the steamed cup cake has crack surface like blooming.
This is also one of Indonesian traditional snack that been exist from long time ago.



Resep dalam Bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Selam everybody ...... Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

İf you are my page regular reader... you should probably know that I cook Indonesian and Asian cook more than Turkish food. 
Yep... daily I serve my mix family with variant cuisine mostly Turkish food and Indonesian / Asian. Even not everyday I eat Indonesian food but at least Asian spice always on my menu.
My kid enjoy both Indonesian/ asian cuisine as much as Turkish food.

My husband still prefer Turkish food as main dish. Also he start to enjoy some Indonesian snack or "kueh", Indonesian cookies that he never knew before or some beverages.
He likes  tofu and tempeh as well😊 

And today I will share one of my repeatable menu. İt's Kung pao Chicken... my fave! Maybe some of you think that cooking Asian food is complicated. And seeing long list of ingredients might discouraged you.
But actually, once you get all your ingredients on the table, cooking Asian food is very fast, quick and flavorful- you gonna love it and enjoy the food instantly.



Hello everybody.......
Merhaba from Türkiye 👋

Baking bread is almost daily routine for me. Any kind of bread, Asian style soft bread until artisan European style bread with chewy texture cause my husband is a bread eater. 
My kid, she enjoy everything. She can enjoy food from my culture as much as she like Turkish food.
Me as Asian, mostly consume rice or noodle but of course I can not resist hearty warm delicious soup with warm bread in chill days 😍

And since she started school few years ago, baking burger bun is become my routine for her lunch box or sometime for the father's too.
And just today I want to share also with you since I have documented in pictures this time. This recipe I use for few years already and it works for me and turns into nice beautiful buns just like storebought.

You can check my other Bread recipe at Bread/ Bun category.

For you who never bake bread or bun before this recipe might be very easy for you to start. Here I make my own burger rings to get nice shape when it bakes but of course it's optional for you. İf you bake your own buns very often this ring pretty much help. You can get it ready at baking store but I prefer make them by my self.

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