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Selam..... Merhaba from Turkiye.....

Today I'd like to share other steamed cake recipe. As you know steamer method has been used for centuries in mostly Asian cuisine. Unlike mostly western cooking method which require oven bake on mostly their cooking process, we are Asian people accustomed with steam cooking process than oven bake. We steam almost everything start from main dish, side dish, bread, until dessert.

With steam process we can avoid of burning or overbaking/ overcooking on food. And with steaming I believe we can get healthier and more nutritious especially when we steam vegetables.

I like steam my cake also. Cake with steamed process has more moist than baking one. And it's moist can last until few days (keep in an airtight container). And for me steam cake is always fail-proof in any recipe I make. 

And today I'll share one of my favorite cake recipes, it's definitely delicious and champion in my family. I use this recipe long time ago and still not boring of it. It's rich and intense of chocolate flavor, moist yet fluffy. With silky chocolate sauce even it's a plus plus.. (^,^) 😄

Silky chocolate sauce: (make it ahead)
  • 140 gr chocolate chip
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 3 Tbsp full-fat milk
Place chips on a medium bowl. Shimmer milk and butter, pour over the chocolate chip. Let it a minute until chocolate melted. Gently stir to combine and make the entire chocolate chip melted completely. Keep in fridge until ready to use

Note: you can double boil if you find the chips don't melt completely.

For the cake:
  • 🍰 3 medium size eggs, lightly beaten with balloon whisk/ fork
  • 🍰 350 gr caster sugar (you can add/ less sugar up to 25 gr as your liking)
  • 🍰 200 gr butter
  • 🍰 70 gr cooking oil
  • 🍰 300 ml full-fat milk
  • 🍰 155 gr all-purpose flour
  • 🍰 1 tbsp cornstarch
  • 🍰 80 gr dutch processed dark cocoa powder+ for dusting a pan
  • 🍰 1 tsp baking powder
  • 🍰 1 tsp baking soda
  • 🍰 1 Tbsp black forest paste (you can substitute with chocolate paste+dark brown food coloring)

How to make:
  1. In medium sauce pan combine milk, butter, cooking oil, sugar and cocoa. Stir over low~medium heat until butter melting and sugar completely dissolved. Turn off the heat and let it slightly cool.
  2. Sift together flour, corn starch, baking powder and baking soda into big bowl, set a side.
  3. Heat your steamer pan over medium heat. Brush a bundt pan (about 24 cm in diameter)/or 18 cm round pan with margarine and lightly dusk with cocoa powder, set a side.
  4. Temper the beaten egg with warm butter-cocoa mixture, then pour back into butter-cocoa mixture, add black forest paste, stir well to combine.
  5. Pour liquid mixture into flour mixture, with balloon whisk stir well to combine. Don't forget to scrape down the side and bottom of the bowl. But do not over mix. Carefully pour into prepared pan. 
    my steamer. I just put wire with "legs" about 7cm high
  6. Steamed over medium heat 45~60 minutes or until skewer comes out clean when inserted into a cake. Note: cover upper pan with aluminium foil to prevent water from steam drop to cake
  7. Let it completely cool before unmold. Flush with chocolate sauce and serve.
Enjoy your time with family and friends (^,^)

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Silky chocolate sauce: 
  • 140 gr chocolate chip
  • 1 sdm mentega
  • 3 sdm susu cair (full fat)
  1. Taruh coklat chip dalam mangkuk tahan panas.
  2. Dengan api kecil panaskan susu dan mentega diatas sauce pan kecil hingga hampir mendidih.
  3. Tuang ke dalam mangkuk berisi coklat chip, biarkan semenit agar coklat meleleh.
  4. Aduk rata campuran hingga semua coklat meleleh sempurna. Simpan dalam lemari es hingga siap digunakan.
Note: Jika coklat belum meleleh sempurna, bisa dipanaskan kembali dengan metode "double boil" dan aduk hingga coklat meleleh sempurna.

Bahan untuk cake:
  • 🍰 3 telur ukuran sedang, kocok lepas dengan ballon whisk/ garpu
  • 🍰 350 gr gula pasir halus (bisa ditambah/ kurangi 25 gr sesuai selera)
  • 🍰 200 gr butter
  • 🍰 70 gr minyak goreng
  • 🍰 300 ml susu full fat
  • 🍰 155 gr tepung terigu serba guna
  • 🍰 ½ sdm pati jagung (maizena)
  • 🍰 80 gr dark cocoa powder (gunakan cocoa dutch process)+ untuk taburan loyang
  • 🍰 1 sdt baking powder
  • 🍰 1 sdt baking soda
  • 🍰 1 sdm pasta black forest 
Cara membuat:
  1. Panaskan susu, butter+minyak sayur, gula pasir dan cocoa powder diatas api kecil~sedang hingga gula larut sambil diaduk rata dengan whisk supaya cocoa tidak bergumpal. Sisihkan hingga hangat.
  2. Ayak tepung terigu, pati jagung, baking soda dan baking powder ke dalam mangkuk besar.
  3. Panaskan panci pengukus dengan api sedang. Olesi loyang tulban (ukuran 24 cm)/ loyang bulat (18 cm) dengan margarin dan taburi dengan cocoa powder tipis-tipis. Sisihkan.
  4. Masukkan sedikit (sekitar 1 sendok sayur) campuran butter-coklat ke kocokan telur, aduk rata, lalu masukkan kembali ke campuran butter-coklat, tambahkan black forest pasta, aduk rata dengan whisk.
  5. Pelan-pelan campurkan campuran cair ke dalam campuran tepung, aduk rata dengan whisk. Jangan over mix. Lalu tuang ke loyang yang sudah disiapkan.
  6. Kukus 45~60 mnt hingga matang (tes tusuk dengan lidi). Note: tutup bagian atas loyang dengan aluminium foil / serbet bersih agar air tidak menetes ke dalam cake
  7. Biarkan cake hingga benar-benar dingin sebelum dilepas dari loyang. Siram dengan saus coklat. Sajikan.
Selamat mencoba, semoga bermanfaat.


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  1. This cake looks delicious! I have never tried steaming cake, it sounds like something I would like to try!

  2. I haven't tried steaming a cake before. I must do it after looking at your gorgeous cake.

  3. Wow, that is about the darkest/richest chocolate cake I think I've ever seen and it looks so incredibly moist!

  4. I love the extra dark color of the cake, you can tell it's bursting with chocolate!

  5. I love the extra dark color of the cake, you can tell it's bursting with chocolate!

    <3 Janalyn

  6. This is such a cool recipe. I can just imagine how tasty it is. Gorgeous colour.


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