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Indonesian mix vegetables cooked in coconut milk (vegan curry) / Resep Sayur Lodeh

Resep dalam Bhs İndonesia klik disini.

Indonesian mix vegetables cook in coconut milk / Resep Sayur Lodeh. #sayurlodeh #Indonesianfood #coconutmilk #vegetariancurry #tofu #tempeh #vegancurryrecipe

Selam everybody...... Merhaba from Turkey.

Today's post is about my childhood meal. Me and siblings grew up with this dish. My mom or my grandmother usually cooked this for us. İt's mix vegetable (curry-look alike) cook in coconut milk. Most often tofu or tempeh also mixed in it. And if we have enough money (at that time) to buy shrimps, my mom or grandma also put some small shrimp in it.

This Called sayur lodeh ( or in Javanese language calls Jangan Lodeh). Javanese curry-like dish, content with various vegetables, like eggplant, chayote, zucchini, young green jackfruit, bamboo shoot, yardlong bean, green bean, corn and so on. Just any leftover vegetable you have in your fridge can be added. 
And for protein addition, we add some tofu, tempeh or shrimp.
İt is so simple and cheap. That the reason why this was most repeatable menu in our house during my childhood.

We eat this with plain steamed rice, adding sambal terasi is a must. Together with fried protein - like fish or chicken- as side dish, this is the most humble and so traditional of Indonesian food. And forget to mention it's vegan and healthy.

Indonesian mix vegetables cook in coconut milk / Resep Sayur Lodeh. #sayurlodeh #Indonesianfood #coconutmilk #vegetariancurry #tofu #tempeh #vegancurryrecipe

What you need:

Blend this to paste:
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 6-7 small shallots or 1 small yellow onion will do
  • 3-4 toasted candlenut
  • 3 tsp coriander seed
Other spices, herbs, and ingredients:
  • 1 or 2 daun salam (İndonesian bay leaf)
  • 2 cm galangal, lightly pound
  • 3-4 red chili pepper, sliced
  • 3-4 green chili pepper or banana chili pepper, sliced
  • some birds eye chili pepper as your taste
  • 1 stalk green onion, roughly cut
  • coconut milk about 1,5 lt (İ dilute 1 can; 400 ml coconut cream to 1.5 lt)
  • Tempe and or tofu, cubed (you can add small shrimp as well if you want)
  • 2 to 3 Tbsp cooking oil
  • salt and sugar per tasted
  • fried shallot for sprinkle on top 
Any vegetables; here I use eggplant, corn, green bean, zucchini, and chayote squash 1 each. All rough chunk.

How to cook:

1) İn a big pot, stir fry spice paste, galangal, bay leaf and all peppers for few minutes. Add in tofu, tempeh or shrimp (if using), cook for few minutes.

2) Add in coconut milk followed by vegetables. İ add the most longest time to cook vegetables first before adding one that quick to cook (here İ add zucchini before İ turn off the heat). Add 2 tsp salt and pinch of sugar and check the taste. Cook to boil. Turn off the heat and add in green onion and fried shallot. 

Ready to serve.

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Indonesian mix vegetables cook in coconut milk / Resep Sayur Lodeh. #sayurlodeh #Indonesianfood #coconutmilk #vegetariancurry #tofu #tempeh #vegancurryrecipe


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