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Cheddar Cheesecake with Fruits Topping

Selam everybody..Merhaba from Turkey.

my another Cheddar Cheesecake post. My previous post was Cheddar cheese Cupcake . After succeed with Cup cake trial, I was trying to make a bigger dessert, cheddar cheese cake. I use mix fruit as topping. Beside pomegranate jam  I also use fresh kiwi and fresh navel oranges. But of course topping your cheese cake is about your own style and taste. Just be more creative and have fun with it d(^_^)b

The ingredients and method is almost the same with the cupcake, only you will need 7" fixed based baking pan (If you are using springform pan, make sure it's wrap tidily with heavy duty-aluminium foil to make it waterproof). You also need bigger pan for water bath baking. Fill it with hot water. Set a side.

Ingredients A:
- 1 fully press cup grated unsalted cheddar cheese.
- 130 ml whole milk
- 40 gr unsalted butter
Ingredients B:
Sifted ¼ cup all purpose flour. 
Sifted ¼ cup cornstarch.
Ingredients C:
- 4 medium egg yolks
- 1 tsp lemon zest
Ingredients D:
- 4 medium egg whites
¾ cup caster sugar
- 1 ½ tsp lemon juice
1) Preheat oven 160 deg C. Grease 7" fixed based baking pan with butter, line the bottom part with baking paper and again grease with butter. Set aside. If you are using springform pan, make sure it's wrap tidily with heavy duty-aluminium foil to make it waterproof.
2) Double boil all ingredients A until  melted. Quick stirring while doing this melting work. remove from heat and let it slightly warm.
3) Mix ingredients B into cheese mixture. Stir well until smooth and  no more lump.
4) Mix in all ingredients C. Set a side after everything well blended.
5) In other bowl, beat egg whites until fluffy, gradually beat in sugar until sugar dissolved. Beat in the lemon juice and continue beating just until it's soft peak form. Take 2 or 3 soup spoon from this egg white and fold into cheese mixture (yellow batter).
Fold back this yellow batter into egg white. Fold carefully till well blended. Do Not Over mix. Pour in to your baking pan (waterproof springform pan)And baking in water bath about 50~60 minutes.
Different oven size and condition produce different heat result. 

Remove Cake from pan carefully and let it chill before garnish. The cake will be better after keep in fridge at least 4 hour before consumed.
For this garnish you will need fresh kiwi, fresh navel orange and Pomegranate (I use pomegranate jam here). Peel and sliced them. Arrange as your own creation. 

Enjoy your Cheddar cheesecake @(^_^)@



  1. Gorgeous and so sweet, you are really creative in your piece of work. Love the cheese cake.

  2. @Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. wow , Patty.. U r fast! Good Morning to U ^_^
    Thank U, I also enjoy ur Kuih and cooks.. remind me on my hometown always ^_^

  3. Oh WOW! This sounds incredible. I would have never thought to use cheddar cheese, but the flavor combination that you've used sounds delicious!
    Your photos are fabulous!

  4. This cake is beautiful! I cant wait to try it!

  5. The fruit topping is so lovely. What a wonderful finisher.

  6. Cheddar cheese in a cheesecake! You are brilliant! It looks so yellow and creamy and i love how you decorated it with fresh fruits.
    - abeer @ www.cakewhiz.com

  7. Wow, that is one of the most beautiful cakes I've seen in a long tie! What talent you have!!!!

  8. This is one gorgeous cake!!! And cheddar cheese?? Sounds so delicious! Beautifully made =)

  9. This is so pretty and I'm glad you made a big cake, more to go round :-). Interested in using cheddar cheese which I love too, this one has my vote.

  10. What a gorgeous creation to look at better to eat I am sure!

  11. lovely cheesecake. Like the way you have decorated it. BTW, I really could not find an English word for urad dal. It is type of lentil.

  12. Looks gorgeous mouthwatering cheesecake.

  13. WOW!! What a beauty!! I bet it is so amazinly tasty as it looks :)!! Great job!

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! What else can I say!!!? Such a beautiful cake...I'm just mesmerized by it!

  15. Perfectly designed, lots of vibrant colors, very healthy!

  16. A very beautifully decorated fruit cheesecake!

  17. very unique with cheddar cheese and sounds just wonderful topped with fruits!


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