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Cheddar Cheese Cup cake

It's like Japanese Cheesecake style except I use unsalted cheddar cheese instead of normal cheese cream and I made it as cupcake. Pretty cute though. The texture's so light and as soft as cotton. You can eat them with or without your favorite jam. But mostly cheesecake (cheese cup cake) is better goes along with fruits jam.
 Here I use my pomegranate jam as topping and adding the flavor.

Things You will need and how to make that cute yummy cupcake:
Preheat your oven at 160 deg C. We will need a pan for a water bath, fill it with hot water. Careful not too much water to pour. simply estimate your muffin pan will not sink or float much.

Ingredients A:
- 1 fully press cup grated unsalted cheddar cheese.
- 130 ml whole milk
- 40 gr unsalted butter

* Double boil all ingredients A until melted. Quick stirring while doing this melting work. remove from heat and let it slightly warm.

Ingredients B:
- 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
- 1/4 cup cornstarch 
* Mix ingredients B into cheese mixture. Stir well until smooth and  no more lump

Ingredients C:
- 4 medium egg yolks
- 1 tsp lemon zest
* Mix in all ingredients C. Set aside after everything well blended.
Ingredients D:
- 4 medium egg whites
- 3/4 cup caster sugar
- 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice

*In another bowl, beat egg whites until fluffy, gradually beat in sugar until sugar dissolved. Beat in the lemon juice and continue beating until it's soft peak form. Take 2 or 3 soup spoon from this egg white and stir into cheese mixture (a yellow batter).
Fold back this yellow batter into egg white. Fold carefully till well blended. Pour into your muffin pan with cupcake paper.
And water bath bakes about 50~60 mnts.

Different oven size and condition produce different heat result



  1. Beautiful!!!!, gonna experiment it in PATYSKITCHEN this weekend.

  2. Your cupcake is absolutely delicious! Just love it with cheddar. Never thought steamed muffins can look this good! Your pomegranate garnish is beautiful!

  3. What a nice color.. I would like few for breakfast.. with jam and cup of coffee :)

  4. Fabulous photo...your pomegranate jam is such a beautiful complement to your cheese cupcake...I bet these are yummy!

  5. Looks heavenly! Very nicely done.

  6. What an interesting recipe! Your cupcakes are lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Tasty bites! What an interesting idea to use cheddar in a cheese cake. And the presentation is picture perfect! Thank you for sharing with us ^_^

  8. This is really beautiful!!! And I am sure it is very tasty - definitely should give it a try

  9. That cupcake looks gorgeous! I need to copy this - I'd love to try it!

  10. Looks so pretty and light. I am very interested in your pomegranate jam. I haven't made that one. Do you need anything extra to make it set like lemon juice?

  11. What an unusual cake. I love the use of the cheese. It sounds so tasty. Your photos are gorgeous, as always.

  12. That is such a nice yellow color. I have never used cheddar cheese in a cake but now i am intrigued....

  13. @Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion.Terima kasih Patty, I'll be happy too if U can try it in ur kitchen ^_^

  14. @michelangelo in the kitchen Thx.. compliment from the master art like U is such a great thing for me.. ^_^

  15. @Medeja Ow.. U like to start ur day with something sweet? well.. it might be nice though with ur hot coffee ^_^.. thank U, I enjoy ur page as well

  16. @Lizzy Teşekkurler Lizzy (means thank you in Turkiye) .

  17. @Pauline Hai Pauline.. I'll post my pom jam making soon.. I almost forget it until it's almost finish now..hehehe.. I didn't use lemon juice but I put a little citrus acid in it. You can start to make it your own ^_^


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