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Lemon Squash, great summer beverage

Early August, the weather so hot without wind, make me and husband hesitate to go out even just go to market... We just laying down on carpet in front of TV with full big jar of.... Lemon Squash ! hhmmm.... just so nice for cool down a lil bit hot temperature in our body....
It's nice to cool down body temperature on summer
Things you should prepare:

-1 big jar 
-3 big lemon (before you squeeze lemons, grate lemon rinds/ make lemon zest)
-200 gr sugar ( dissolve with 300 ml water) or you can use colorless vanilla syrup.
-1 lt soda water.

How to make is easy. mix all together the materials, taste the sweetness as you like, you may add some sugar or syrup. Put on big lemonade jar. Keep in refrig.
Add some ice cube when you will serve it, garnish with lemon slice.

Enjoy your summer.


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