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Bidaran Keju (Indonesian fried cheesy snack)

I was looking for something light and salty cheesy snack to accompany my afternoon tea. I don't know, it's like a habit for me, I can not drink tea or coffee without something beside it d(^_^)b ... 
I like something cheesy and salty, like this one. My fave when I was in Indonesia ...
- 2 cups tapioca flour
- 2 large whole eggs
- 1 cup grated Edam cheese (or cheddar cheese)
- 1 teaspoon salt
- Vegetable oil for frying
1) In medium bowl, whisk egg and salt. Add tapioca flour and mix well using your clean hand until all tapioca wet. Mix in grated cheese, mix (knead) until incorporated (picture 1).
2) Take small amount of dough (smaller than marbles.) and twist like figure 2.
3) Then put in a cold frying oil. Arrange so they are not overlapping one another-see Figure 3. 
After full one pan, heat that pan over medium fire. Do not stir first before they floats and slightly hard. Fry until golden red. Do same way until all dough finish.
Drain well on paper towel before store them in air tight jar.

Enjoy with your evening tea and coffee. 


  1. How fabulous! Cheesy and salty is my favorite combination...yum!!

  2. This sounds so simple and yummy ... and you're right! great with a cuppa coffee!

  3. I would like them with tea too :) or maybe even with beer :D they look like addictive stuff

  4. Citra- I missed seeing your post for a while now, and you really came up with a fabulous snack that I would grab in a "heartbeat" Yummm! So crunchy and cheesy:D

    BTW-I am paying forward my awards from Hungary to you. You well deserve it. (Just copy and paste) keep it, or pass it on.

  5. Crispy and delicious, that's what I like about this snack.


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