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Steamed Chocolate cake with Sun flower decoration

Selam everybody....Merhaba from Turkey.

I believed that every woman is special, including you. And being a mother is a privileges "job" as well. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no work contract, and it'll be forever as long as your life. The first education of human being, is in Mother's hands . So as a mother we should have a good and sufficient education to create a better generation in future. Let's never stop learning anything MOMS! 😍

And To All Moms and women (becoming mom), I wish you happy mother's Day.

Description of cake:
Size 8 "
Steamed chocolate Cake as a base with chocolate frosting as layer and decoration.
For Sunflower decoration I use fondant plastic icing.

İngredients and how to make Steamed chocolate brownies:
- 4 medium size whole eggs
- Plus 2 medium egg yolks
- 1 cup (225 gr) caster sugar
- 1 cup ( 140 gr) all purpose flour
- 2 tablespoons cornstarch
- ½ cup (dark) cacao powder
- Pinch of salt
- ½ teaspoon vanilla essence
- 80 gr dark cooking chocolate (DCC)
- ¾ cup cooking oil

A. Grease 8" springform pan with margarine/butter, set aside. Sift together, flour,cornstarch, and cocoa powder. Set aside. Heat your steamer pan up to produce enough steam, medium heat only.
B. Double boil DCC until melted and mixed with cooking oil. Set aside. With electric mixer, beat eggs until fluffy,add caster sugar gradually. Combine salt. Whisk until pale and ribbon stage. whisk in vanilla essence.
C. Gradually, fold in flour mixture. Then fold in melting chocolate mixture, fold until blended and perform no lumps.
D. Pour into prepared pan and steam until done (approximately 45 minutes). Test with skewer, if it comes out clean when inserted in brownies, it means you done and you can remove the brownie from  steamer. Let cool to room temperature before unmold.

For chocolate frosting:
- 120 gr unsalted butter
- ½ cup cocoa powder
- 3 cups powdered sugar
- ½ teaspoon vanilla essence
- ½ cup whole milk.

Melt butter, combine cocoa powder and stir until blended. Mix in powdered sugar and milk alternately, whisk until all well blended. Finally mix in vanilla essence.
If you want a thinner frosting, you can add small amount of milk. Or if you want a thicker frosting, you may reduce amount of milk.

Slice chocolate brownie horizontally into 2 parts (or 3 parts according to your desire). Grease each slice's surface with chocolate frosting and stack neatly. Cover entire surface of the brownies with remaining chocolate frosting and decorate with  fondant plastic icing.

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  1. Oh, my gosh! Stunning, beautiful, delicious! I could go on and on...it's just wonderful. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)

  2. Gorgeous! And you said it right about being a mother. I salute them all ... and myself :D

  3. Wow, this is one stunning cake you made! It just looks absolutely spectacular and delicious! Perfect for any party this Spring! Thanks for this brilliant decoration Idea! Cheers!!!

  4. OMG Citra-This is an absolute gorgeous brownie cake, that I've ever seen. The moistness of this cake, and the decadent of the chocolate, just "blows me away"...the decoration with the beautiful yellow flower is totally amazing!
    Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day celebration:DDD

  5. I'm not a mom, but I still love your brownies! :D

  6. What an interesting recipe! It looks simply gorgeous too...wow

  7. I love those beautifully decorated brownies! Perfect for a nice spring day! =)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on making top 9 on FoodBuzz :)

  9. WOW! The brownies looks stunning!! Congrats on making top 9 :)

  10. @anncoothx for dropping by in my page.. I love ur page also.. ^,^

  11. @ElisabethThank U dear... and thx for all your support comment these time... means a lot to me ^,^

  12. Oh my goodness ... Citra, this is gorgeous!! I love it! I wish I could work a brownie like that. Beautiful job!

    Congrats on Top 9!!

  13. Wow! For the first time this week I tried to decorate cakes with fondant and I can only say WOW to you your amazing decoration!

  14. @Polathank U.. keep on learning, n me too :)

  15. What a beautiful creation! And it looks sinfully delicious!

    Congratulations on the Foodbuzz Top 9!

    ~ marie, the EpicureanPiranha

  16. wow, that looks fantastic! I love sunflowers, can you make that for our wedding? :) yum!

  17. @kristen :) Thx Kristen.. I love sunflower also, that's why I inspired by it :)

  18. this looks fabulous! i love flowers :). i've never heard of steaming a cake (only Korean rice cakes - which is flour and sugar) and it's a lot of work! this is so interesting. it seems so simple and easy! i might have to try this. :)

  19. @JuniaThx Junia.. Actually it's steamed brownie, and yes, I like steam way to make my cake or brownie, more moist and healty-I think- U can check my other steamed recipe if You want at "steamed" category ^_^
    And U have beautiful page I saw :)

  20. This is so gorgeous! you have some definite artistic skills going on to make such a beautiful flower. Congrats on top 9!

  21. Wow, I am speechless! I invite you to visit my little blog about Indian curries at http://cosmopolitancurrymania.blogspot.com

  22. A beautiful cake to go with beautiful words. Thanks for participating in this month’s YBR :)

  23. Very interesting recipe! It looks delicious too! I already saved it in my favorite list and I will give it a try soon.

  24. @Eftychia Thank you if you want to make it also dear... looking forward my recipe in your talented hand . I saw many great and delicious recipe too in your page... love it! ^,^

  25. what an incredible beautiful brownie - the kind I would want to put some shellac and preserve forever - I am also looking forward to reading your other recipes and am happy I stopped over :) Cheers, Priya

  26. A great brownie cake! Looks gorgeous, the flower is really well made!

  27. Oh my god, this is soo cute! I dont think i could make such a piece of art :D

  28. Oh my god , what a gorgoeus looking cake , I came over from Elisabeth's blog , will be back to explore : ) .

  29. This is lovely and sweet! Loved the design and color chosen it is eye catching. Also try visiting www.gourmandia.com and www.gourmetrecipe.com for more lovely recipes and try www.everything-cake.com for lovely recipes of cake relevant to this.


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