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Pastel Abon Mini (with fish or beef floss filling)

Snack.. snack..snack...If you are savory snack lover... join me d(^_^)b and try this one!
You can fill it with chicken floss or meat floss also, it's even better!


  • 3 cup flour
  • 2 eggs. Beaten.
  • ¼ cup vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Enough water
  • Beef floss or fish floss for stuffing.
  • Enough cooking oil for deep fry.
1) Mix and knead flour with ¼ cup vegetable oil and eggs. Pour water gradually during that knead process until smooth and not sticky on your fingers.
2) Roll and flatten with rolling pin (or if you purchase rolling pasta machines, it's great) make thin dough, cut rounded ± 5 cm in diameter, give a little floss stuffing and fold into half circle and 'glue' the edges.Do it until the dough runs out.
3) Heat cooking oil in deep skillet. Fried those mini 'pastel' in medium heat, keep stirring until golden reddish in color. Drain the oil and store in airtight jars.




  1. these look just like empanadas! you roll the edges the same way~~~ looks fabulous! :)

  2. Oh yeah, I would love to snack on those. Trouble is, I wouldn't be able to quit. They look delicious!!

  3. delicious we make like this we call it patties
    would be good for tea time

  4. Meat floss? Is that just shredded meat? These do look fantastic and yes, of course I want to give them a try. I usually want to try everything you make, don't I? :)

  5. @The Mom Chef it's not just shredded meat Mom, but it's spiced shredded meat or fish... You can find it in Asian food section I think :)

  6. I can definitely snack on these...I would eat them all!

  7. I really love pasteles! Deep fried goodness!

  8. Citra-These crunchy and light little meat pies look so delicious, I probably would make a full meal out of them!
    I posted the award you gave me, and mentioned you, unfortunately the list I had to pass it on, disappeared, along with former comment. Blogger even took that post off, and added it back on a day later!


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