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No Knead #Bread

This is my first attempt at making no knead bread. Mostly I make ​​"soft bread" which is more popular in Indonesian taste. Total time to make this bread was approximately 18 hours, so better time to start making the dough is evening/ afternoon so you can finish whole process in morning next day.
The appearance of this bread not so successfully looking good because I didn't put it in my pyrex pan right (I was afraid my finger touch that very hot pan)... But anyhooooo..... the bread was good and we all like it :)
Yield one big loaf

 3 cup all-purpose flour, plus for dusting
 ½ tsp instant yeast
 ½ tbsp sugar

 2 teaspoon salt
 1 ½ cup warm water
 Enough sesame, slightly grind
The process:

A) In a large bowl, mix all ingredients and stir until blended- the dough is wet and sticky one (image 1). Cover with plastic stretch and let stand a warm place for approximately 15 hours.

B) After approximately 15 hours (I did in 18 hours), the dough will seems like image No. 2, bubbles and foamy on it's surface. Sprinkle your work surface with plenty of flour, move the dough onto it, fold it several times to it self (image 3). Cover again with plastic wrap and rest for about 20 minutes.

C) Take a medium-size pan (± 18 cm), sprinkle with grind sesame seeds. Dust your hands with lots of flour, take the dough and quickly shape like a ball. Place it in pan sprinkled with sesame earlier (image 4). Cover with plastic wrap and let stand a warm place for about 2 hours before baking in oven.

D) Prepare your 8" or 9 " iron/ enamel pan/ pyrex with lid (anything heat proof). Preheat oven 30 minutes ahead. Place your iron/enamel pan /pyrex  in it. Set you oven temperature of 240 ~ 250 ⁰C (your highest temp)

E) Carefully remove the pyrex / iron / enamel pan from oven. Dust again your hands with flour before taking the dough from pan, put the dough into the pan / pyrex-be careful with the heat of the pan
Cover pan / pyrex with it lid and bake for 25 ~ 30minutes. Take pan/pyrex's lid and continue baking about 20 ~ 30 minutes more, until golden brown on surface and when you patted  sounds hollow inside.



  1. Well done,,,the bread looks so soft and fluffy,I never make a bread,,,,I should try sometime.

  2. is this also a soft bread? Your loaf looks fabulous!over here, we have 17hrs bread, i think it's a method from taiwan, quite similar to this but i havent tried that yet, those who tried said it produces a very soft texture.

  3. This is an amazing bread...look inside it...it's perfect...!!!

  4. wow, no knead bread! this is awesome! 18 hours.... that's a lot of waiting! wow. you are a patient baker. i want to make more bread, but its hard since i am gluten free.

  5. Looks like your first attempt worked out pretty well! Your bread looks great!

  6. Your bread looks fantastic! My husband in the process of perfecting a no-knead bread. Not being a cook nor a baker, he's doing a great job! I'm going to pass this post to him.


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