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Telor Marmer (Marbled Eggs)

One of Indonesian traditional dish. 
To get marble pattern in old time people used Jati (teak) leaves to give a dark red color on the eggs. With some spices added during boiling make this egg even more tasty. But now days people (generally who living in city) use teabag instead of "jati" (teak) leaves to get the marble pattern. But I still remember my grandma still made them with "jati" (teak) leaves which (at that time) we could find it easily in farmer market near us.
This egg makes usually as side dish of other Indonesian traditional meal. You can make it also to add your family menu list, easy to make...

Ingredients and how to make:
 6 ~ 8 medium eggs
 2 tea bags
 ½ tbsp coriander powder
 ½ tbsp garlic powder (or 2 cloves garlic, grated)
 1 tbsp granulated sugar
 ½ tbsp salt or to taste
 1 segment (3 cm) galangal, bruised
 3 ~ 4 bay leaves (in Indonesia we use "daun salam")

Put all ingredients in medium pot and pour water until all the eggs submerged about 3 fingers up. Boil eggs about 30 minutes. Drain eggs, then gently crack egg shells to form crack pattern. Put them back into pan and continue boiling over medium heat until the egg hardens (I need 60 minutes long).

Drain and peel eggs. 
Serve as a side dish.

Note: in Indonesia this egg usually goes with nasi Tumpeng, lontong capgomeh, nasi kuning, and others.



  1. That is absolutely gorgeous, Citra! I never knew traditionally teak leaves were used. The Chinese call it tea eggs (using tea, as you mentioned) and the result is just as beautiful.

  2. This looks really interesting. Though I am not fond of boiled eggs this really sounds interesting. The pattern formed on the eggs is really nice like a web.

  3. Wow, sounds great! I love Chinese style tea eggs, but I love the idea of coriander in this. I bet they are very tasty, and the marbling is always gorgeous on tea eggs.

  4. Hi...Hi.. long time haven't heard from here. These eggs look likethe Chinese Century Herbal Eggs. However here in Malaysia we have the same kind. Boiled few hours with herbs.Popular as wedding door gift in Southern parts of Malaysia. This is what unique about global food.

  5. i've seen this served in so many places before! delicious and beautiful to see the marbled!


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