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MANTI ÇORBASI / Turkish Ravioli soup

Merhaba from Turkiye Everybody!!! It's been ages I had gone.. but believe me I didn't neglect my blog... as You can see I did something again to my blog page ..I changed the appearance...What do you think about this new look?? please tell me, I need your opinion :)
And sorry for not write any post since I've been busy with my lil baby... but time flies so fast..she is growing up now...almost 2 year old...she turns into adorable lil angel :)

She likes eating with bare hand (just like her mommy :p ) and her favorite food now is fruty yogurt. She also likes soup and some Indonesian foods as well.

And taaddaaa.... now I'll share our family fave soup ! Ravioli Soup ( Mantı Çorba). So yummy and creamy..you and family gonna love it! try and tell me what do you think.. :)

Served 4 ~ 5 portions
Ingredients A:
- 2 small bowls of ravioli (about 300 g)--  you can use homemade mantı here or this recipe to make by your own
- 1 cup pre-cooked chickpea (about 100 gr)
- 1 egg yolk
- ¾ tbsp flour
- 1 cup yogurt
- Salt and dried mint 

Ingredient B:
- Butter  (about 100 gr)
- Red chili Pepper Flakes
- Dried mint 

How to make:
1. Boil about 6 cups of water, put the ravioli and chickpea. Meanwhile whisk yogurt, egg yolks, and flour. Add a little hot water, whisk until smooth. Mix into a pan with ravioli and chickpea, stirring gently. Add salt and dried mint. Check the taste, add salt as needed.
2. Melt butter, add dried mint, and red chili flakes. Pour over the soup just before serving.

Afiyet Olsun.



  1. Hi Citra .. salam kenal juga dari St.Louis, thank you sudah mampir di blog ku .. :) I love to add some comment on your cooking blog but I couldn't do .. I don't know why ... Its nice to know Indonesian who lives in Turkey and knows how to cook Turkey's food .. I've been try Turkey's food but mostly store buy not make my own .. and now I know where I must to go for recipe ... your cooking blog... Thank you

    1. Hai Nisa-Mom..Salam kenal balik dari Turki.. I like your lovely blog too..Will always "mampir" tengok tengok deh sebab ada banyak recipe yang pengen kucoba juga... Thx for your comment also..happy blogging .xo

  2. Hi Citra, came across your blog while I was looking for manti recipe. Glad to know a fellow Asian living here in Turkey :D

    1. Hallo Ann.. Nice to know U also.. which city do U live in Turkey? happy cooking :)

  3. Hi Citra, came across your blog while looking for manti recipe. Glad to know another fellow Asian living here in Turkey.


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