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Putri Mandi (mendut) #Indonesianfood / Glutinous balls with thick coconut sauce

Putri mandi is one of Indonesian traditional snack (Jajan pasar). It's glutinous rice ball fill with sweet coconut then flash with creamy coconut sauce. In (east and middle ) java island mostly people call it also "mendut"

In my homeland-Surabaya- this mendut mostly warped with banana leaf before steamed. But since I can not find banana leaf here in Turkey, so I make a little modification on cooking it.. and here it is my Putri mandi or mendut 's version don't worry, it's just as good as the original version :)

Ingredients for filling:
• 2 cups roughly grated coconut (you can use fresh or dry one)
• 1 pandan leaf (you can use vanilla if you don't purchase pandan)
• Pinch of salt
• about 200 gr* gula jawa/ palm sugar-->finely shredded (you can use dark brown sugar too)
• 1 cup water

(*)you can add more sugar if you like more sweet dough
In medium pan, stir water and gula jawa/ palm sugar until all sugar dissolve. Add other ingredients and cook over medium heat until it thickened. Cool it and shape them as small as marble (slightly smaller then the skin dough you will make later)

Ingredients for skin dough:
• 1 ½ cups glutinous flour
• 2 tbsp rice flour
• Pinch of salt
• A few drops of pandan paste
• A few drops of green food coloring (optional)
• ¾ cup warm water

>> Boil enough water in big pan.
>> Mix all ingredients except water. Slowly and gradually add the water while you knead it.  If you end up with too sticky dough you add glutinous rice flour start with very small amount of it. The dough must be not too sticky when you try to shape it, but not too dry either.
>> Shape them slightly bigger than your filling. Fill with filling dough, round them like a small ball. Boil those glutinous ball into boiling water. Strain them when they start to floating. 
Make the coconut sauce:
In medium pan, boil over low heat: about 350 ml coconut milk with 1 Tbsp rice flour and pinch of salt. Stir it continuously until it bubbling. Let it cool at room temperature.

How to serve:
Put the glutinous balls (putri mandi) in a serving bowl the simply flash them with coconut sauce. serve them warm or room temperature.

Happy cooking (^_^)


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