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Melon and Chia soda drink with Cocopandan syrup(Es Melon dan selasih)

Selam everbody.... Merhaba from Turkiye...

Until Ramadhan day 6 the weather still so friendly here... Even tonight when I post this Melon Chia soda drink.. Rain pouring soft on and off..it's just so peaceful. 

This Melon chia drink I made for our iftar today. In summer like this we can find melon easily and the price these days is so cheap.

The chia .... Hmmm.. I love chia. In Asia mostly we mix it in our cold beverages. The texture is so unique and if you search for more... it has many benefits.

What you need:
  • Melon. You can cubed or scoop into small ball like mine here.
  • Chia seeds. Soak into water for few minutes then drain.
  • Plain soda water/ seltzer water
  • Cocopandan syrup
  • Some ice cubes
Mix everything except ice cube in a big jar then check the sweetness you want.  Put  some ice cube in individual glass/ jar then fill it with melon chia drink. 



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