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Steamed Pandan Chocolate Marble Cake (from Egg white) / Bolu kukus Pandan dari Putih telur.

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"Children need our presence more than our presents"

Selam everybody .... Merhaba from Turkey..

My today's post is steamed cake from egg white again. If you are my  regular blog's reader you probably notice that I posted many steamed cake in this humble page, and some of them used egg white-mostly left over egg white.. 

Yes I do like steamed cake. Cake with steamed process I think it's more moist than bake one. And for me any recipe I use with steamed process it become fail proof recipe (^,^) ... trust me. I tried many time, with same recipe, when I steamed it, it always came out fluffy and moist cake, while - some time I got 'broken heart' cake out from my oven... in fact that recipe with oven bake method... I have no idea why.. 

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And today I just steamed another cake from left over egg white and this time I twist chocolate flavor with my favorite Pandan flavor on marble cake.
Steamed process took about 45 minutes, also you must check by inserted skewer in the middle, continue steam if your skewer comes out still wet (it should comes out really clean).

As you can see my pictures here, the cake looks so fluffy, spongy and moist... So if you have many left over egg white.. try to make this! guarantee you'll love it too! (^,^)

For 20 cm tube pan Ingredients:
  • 300 ml egg white, room temperature
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 180 gr caster sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 200 gr all purpose flour
  •  ½ tsp baking powder
  • 75 ml cooking oil
  • 1 Tbsp pandan paste + few drop green gel color (optional)
  • 2 tsp dark cocoa powder

1) Heat water in your steamed pan. Grease a 24 cm bundt pan with margarine. Set aside
2) Sift and mix flour and baking powder. Set aside
3) Whisk egg white and pinch of salt, mix in sugar bit by bit while still whipped until fluffy. Mix in lemon juice and continue beating until soft peak and shiny.
4) Fold in flour mixture, fold carefully until blended . mix in olive/ cooking oil, folding until well blended. Take 1/3 of the batter and fold with cocoa powder elsewhere. To remaining batter carefully fold in pandan paste to combine.

5) Dollop half of pandan batter into molds then dollop half chocolate batter, use knife or skewer to make marble pattern (with round motion). Do same thing with remaining batter.
6) Steam for 30-45 minutes or until inserted skewer comes out clean. Don't forget to check water in your pan.. do not burn dry your pan (^,^)
7) Unmold and let it completely cool before cut.

Enjoy this steamed cake on your tea time with kids, family and your loves one.


  • 300 ml putih telur, suhu ruang
  • 1 sdt perasan jeruk lemon
  • 180 gr gula pasir halus
  • sejumput garam
  • 200 gr teigu serba guna
  • 1 ½ sdt baking powder
  • 75 ml  minyak goreng biasa
  • 2 sdt pasta pandan + beberapa tetes warna hijau (optional)
  • 2 sdt bubuk cocoa pekat
Next time I'll do better "marble" pattern
Cara membuat:
  1. Panaskan kukusan hingga menghasilkan cukup uap. Olesi loyang tulban (kira-kira 24 cm diameternya), sisihkan.
  2. Ayak dan campur rata terigu serba guna dan baking powder, sisihkan
  3. Kocok putih telur dengan sejumput garam hingga foamy, lalu tuang gula pasir halus sedikit demi sedikit sambil tetap dikocok. Masukkan lemon juicenya, lanjutkan mengocok hingga soft peak dan mengkilap (shiny).
  4. Secara bertahap masukkan campuran tepung, aduk balik hingga rata. Lalu masukkan  minyak goreng, aduk balik perlahan hingga tercampur rata.
  5. Ambil 1/3 bagian adonan dan campur dengan bubuk coklat, aduk balik hingga rata. Sisanya ditambahkan pasta pandan dan pewana hijau (jika pakai), aduk balik hingga rata.
  6. Sendokkan sebagian adonan hijau bergantian dengan sebagian adonan coklat, lalu putar-putar dengan garpu/ tusuk sate hingga terbentuk pola marmer. Lalu sendokkan lagi sisa adonan hijau bergantian dengan sisa adonan coklat, ulangi prosedur yang sama membentuk pola marmer.
  7. Kukus dengan api besar sekitar 30~45 menit atau sampai lidi yang ditusukkan ketengah cake keluar bersih tidak lengket. Dinginkan diatas rak pendingin hingga suhu ruang sebelum dipotong.
Selamat mencoba, semoga bermanfaat.



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