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Mocca Spongecake Recipe

Resep dalam bhs Indonesia ada di bagian bawah

Selam.... Merhaba from Turkey..

Happy weekend to all of you.. 
What do you usually do with family to spend weekend together? It's summer time, maybe mostly you're on happy holiday this moment...Happy holiday for you!

Or you just stay at home with your family, enjoying togetherness in this hot lazy summer... laying down on couch whole day doing nothing but fingers do sport changing TV channels (^,^)

For us..week end is "go out from house day" since we have small kid who always boring stay inside home too long in summer days... Of course, almost everyday I took her to small kid park near our neighborhood... But it's very small playing yard, with only 1 slide, 2 pair swings.. with 70% good condition... surely my kid easily gets bore there too....
So...week end is really our family time, spending time together.

As every other week end in our house, week end is almost "cake" time ... so this week end I just make simple sponge cake with mocca flavor to accompany our tea and coffee time.

I made this cake many times using basic spongecake recipe (just vary in flavor), and it always turn out beautifully yet yummy.. it's super easy and fail proof, guaranty you gonna love it also...

Basic Spongecake
  • 8 medium eggs
  • 200 gr sugar 
  • 225 gr all pupose flour-> I use 200 gr all purpose and 25 gr cornstarch flour
  • 1 Tbsp emulsifier (you can skip if you don't purchase it)
  • 100 gr butter, melted
  • (optional--original recipe didn't use it) I add 1 Tbsp mocca pasta and few drops brown food gel color 
How to:
  1.  pre heat oven to 180 deg C. Brush 24~26 cm bundt pan with margarine, set a side.
  2. With an electric mixer whisk eggs and sugar to foamy, whisk in an emulsifier (if use) continue to whisk until pale, thick, and RIBBON STAGE - when you lift batter with a beater, the batter won't easily dissolve on the surface, it'll take few second to dissolve/ sink - so you done.
  3. Gradually sift in flour and fold to combine. Then fold in melted butter, mocca pasta and food coloring, fold until well combine.
  4. Slowly pour batter into prepared bundt pan and bake about 45 minute or until skewer inserted in the middle of cake came out clean. 
Let the cake completely cold before unmolding and cut. You can simply serve just like that or with sprinkle of icing sugar.


Sponge Cake Dasar

by Fatmah Bahalwan
  • 8 btr telur
  • 200 gr gula 
  • 225 gr tepung terigu-> saya; 200 gr all purpose dan 25 gr pati jagung
  • 1 sdm emulsifier
  • 100 gr margarine, lelehkan 
  • (optional--resep asli tidak pakai) saya tambahkan 1 sdm pasta mocca dan pewarna coklat 
Cara membuat:
  1. Panaskan oven 180 derajat celsius
  2. Kocok telur dan gula sampai naik, masukkan emulsifier, kocok terus hingga kental berjejak (fase ‘jambul petruk’) 
  3. Tuang tepung terigu sambil di ayak secara bertahap, aduk rata. Masukkan mentega cair, mocca pasta dan pewarna,aduk rata. Jangan over mix
  4. Tuang kedalam loyang cincin 24-26 cm, panggang hingga matang, kurang lebih 45 menit. 


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