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Membuat lontong di magic jar (how to make rice cake in rice cooker)

  • 2 cups rice, wash and drain
  • 8~10 cups of water (water can be reduced according to how hard rice cake you wanna go)
  • half lemon juice (optional). this helps your rice cake has a longer life time

Things you'll need
  • 1 loaf pan (10x20x7 cm)
  • plastic wrap larger than loaf pan ( I use plastic pouches and cut the sides to open wide)
  • rice cooker.
How to:
  1. Put all ingredients in your rice cooker. Push the "cooking" mode button and let it cook until the button up to "warm" mode. 
  2. Open the lid, with wooden spoon mix the rice inside rice cooker while push the soft rice between back of wooden spatula and rice cooker pan in order to make it almost like a puree. Close the lid and push button to "cooking" mode again. Let it cook until button goes up to "warm" mode.
  3. Do same method like no.2. Repeat 3 times or 4 times.
  4. Cover you loaf pan with plastic wrap, move your puree rice one wooden spoon at a time while press it hard to compress the rice cake and make it solid mass. Cover with plastic wrap and once again press it hard with something flat and let it cool at room temperature. 
  5. The rice cake will harder after keep in fridge few hours. Your rice cake is now ready to eat.
*Sorry I didn't include step by step picture, maybe next time I'll attach how to make it step by step so you will have better illustration.

Lontong is a dish made of compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder wrapped inside a banana leaf,commonly found in Indonesia; also in Malaysia and Singapore. The rice rolled inside banana leaf and boiled, then cut into small cakes as staple food replacement of steamed rice

Lontong is traditionally made by boiling the rice until it is partially cooked and packing it tightly into a rolled-up banana leaf. The leaf is secured with lidi semat, wooden needle made from the central rib of coconut leaf, and cooked in boiling water for about 90 minutes. Once the compacted rice has cooled, it can be cut up into bite-sized pieces. Outer parts of lontong usually have greenish color because of the chlorophyll left by banana leaf.

Alternative ways of cooking lontong include placing uncooked rice into a muslin bag then letting the water seep in and cause the rice to form a solid mass. Another popular method is by using commercially available rice-filled plastic pouches which are then boiled until the rice becomes cooked and have fully filled up the pouch.

Ketupat (in Indonesian and Malay), Kupat (in Javanese and Sundanese) or Tipat (in Balinese) is a type of dumplingmade from rice packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch.It is commonly found inIndonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and the Philippines (where it is known by the name pusô in Cebuano, bugnóyin Hiligaynon, patupat in Kapampangan and Pangasinan, or ta’mu in Tausug). It is commonly described as "packed rice", although there are other types of similar packed rices such as lontong and bakchang.

Ketupat is cut open, its skin (woven palm leaf) being removed, the inner rice cake is cut in pieces, and served as staple food, as the replacement of plain steamed rice. It usually eaten with rendang, opor ayam, sayur labu (chayote soup),sambal goreng ati (liver in sambal) or served as an accompaniment to satay (chicken or beef or lamb in skewers) orgado-gado (mixed vegetables with peanut sauce). Ketupat is also the main element of certain dishes such as ketupat sayur (ketupat in chayote soup with tofu and boiled egg) and kupat tahu (ketupat and tofu in peanut sauce).

Source: Wikipedia


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