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Tavuk Kebabı / (Adana kebab İnspired) Best Chicken sish Kebab recipe

Selam everybody.... Merhaba from Turkey....

Kebap  (in Arabic: کباب) means meat that cooked directly on fire (charcoal or wood-burning oven) or within a pot. (However, what we understand from today's definition kebab is that it includes tomato and pepper). 
In Sumerian language, the word kebab is derived from ''kabuba'' word meaning roasting. According to the some of the sources, kebab is a general definition for the Arabic-origin meat dishes. From these explanations, it's told that kebab comes to Anatolia from peasants who immigrated to Adana from Arabic countries to cultivate.
According to the comments of the experts, people's waiting for the meat to be cooked around the fire when fire was found and used to cook meat, i.e. when the kebab was being cooked for the first time formed a basis for table culture.

Even mostly kebab cook over grill, there are also some stew kebab just like tas kebab or meat kebab with stew. 
In Turkey there are many.... I mean MANY! kind of kebab varieties. The list would be very long if I mention by one by one. But what I will share today is one kind from those many I said.

It's Chicken sish kebab. This delicious chicken kebab was inspired by famed Adana kebab. But I made it from chicken instead of lamb/ beef. But be sure this would be your new favorite list.

It's summer knocking the door..... and this yummy chicken kebab is a great meal to celebrate it. Take it for out door barbecue picnic with your family and friends. Or just prepare it ahead for special weekend dinner/ lunch!
So here you go if you wanna experience the real taste of kebab.
Make about 20~25 skewers.
  • ± 500 gr minced chicken (you can substitute with ground lamb/beef)
  • 2~3 big red capia chilly peppers
  • 2~3 carliston chilly pepper
  • 1 tbsp bread crumb
  • ± 2 tsp salt or to taste
  • pinch of black pepper powder
  • 1 tsp cumin powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda (optional)
  • ± 1 tsp Isot biber (Sanliurfa pepper) or you can use chipotle chilly flake, more for spicy 
  • Some skewer
capia and carliston chilly peppers
For serving:
  • some lavaş/ lavash flat bread or you can use tortilla
  • some tomatoes
  • some carliston chilly peppers
  • dried thyme
  • Isot biber (Sanliurfa pepper) or you can use chipotle chilly flake 
For salad:
  • Big red onions, lengthwise sliced
  • parsley, roughly chopped
  • sumac
  • Isot biber or chipotle chilly flake
  • salt to taste
Make salad just before serving, mix all salad ingredients and toss to combines.

How to make:

1) On wide cutting board, chopped carliston, capia chilly pepper and chopped it very finely. If you don't use ground chicken, you can chopped boneless and skinless chicken meat also together with the peppers. Use sharp chopper knife to do it.

2) Place all ingredients on big bowl, mix and knead to combine well. Wet your hand with water, take skewer and with your other hand take kebab mixture (about 1 ½ tbsp size) and start to stick chicken kebab to the skewer. Always wet your hand with water so it won't sticky at your hand.
Note: If you want to make it ahead, just keep your chicken kebab in airtight container without put on skewer, defrost before use. Keep in freezer up to 4 days.

3) Heat lightly oiled grilled pan/ electric one over medium heat. Grill your chicken kebab until done both sides. Grill also your lavash bread, tomatoes and carliston chilly pepper to lightly brown for serve later. You can do over charcoal also, it's even better! 

How to serve it: 
Take one lavash bread, place one or two chicken kebab, add thyme, Isot biber / chipotle chilly flake, then roll it. Serve with grilled tomatoes, carliston pepper and salad.

Don't forget to serve it with foamy Ayran drink for perfect lunch/ dinner-recipe below.

Afiyet Olsun.

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How to make Ayran/ yogurt drink

For 1 lt yield, you will need about 300 gr ~ 400 gr plain thick yogurt (depend on thickness you'd like), but mostly I make on those range quantity. Put on big jar, give pinch of fine salt. Pour cold water about 300 ml, using hand handle blender or just manually with wooden spoon to stir until all yogurt dissolve.

After all yogurt completely dissolved, pour more cold water up to 1 lt and mix/ stir again to make them well  blended.Keep in refrigerator before serving.
You can add some more buzz when served if you want.

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Tavuk Şiş Kebabı / Turkish Style Chicken #SishKebabs



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