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Ikan Bakar Bali sambal matah / Balinese grilled fish with sambal matah

Selam eveybody.... Merhaba from Turkey......

Indonesian cuisine often demonstrates complex flavour,acquired from certain ingredients and bumbu spices mixture. Indonesian dishes have rich flavours; most often described as gurih (savory which equate to umami) and pedas (hot and spicy), and also combination of basic tastes such as manis (sweet), asin (salty), asam (sour) and pahit (bitter). Seven main Indonesian cooking methods are goreng (frying), bakar (roasting) or panggang (grilling), tumis (sautéing), sangrai (roasted), rebus (boiling) and kukus (steaming).

My post today is about indulge my craving of Indonesian food. It has been a while I didn't spoil my self with this best fave of mine ; Balinese grilled fish / Ikan Bakar khas Bali with sambal matah.

This grilled fish is commonly found when you were visit Bali. I think most of you already know where Bali island is. Sambal matah is Balinese style raw sambal. With sharp lemongrass and kaffir leaves flavor distinguish this sambal from other sambal types we have. And this sambal matah always serve with that full tropical flavors of Balinese grilled fish. Enjoy them with warm steamed rice, some raw vegetables salad, you'll get best Balinese grilled fish on the planet 😃

You can prepare the fish marinate 1st a night before if you plan having bbq/ grill time the next day. The fish should marinate in bumbu /spice at least 2 hours before the get best flavor mingle in fish meat. 
For fish I use local çipura/ çupra balık (gilt-head bream). You can sea bream or sea bass or snapper or yellow tail fish.

The best way to grill this fish is over charcoal-like my mom always does. Take your grilling stove outside and invite your neighbours with this fabulous fragrant of this Balinese grilled fish ^,^

So here the Balinese grilled fish recipe:
  • about 900 gr (2 medium) fish; sea bream / sea bass / snapper fish/ yellowtail
  • lime / lemon juice
For marinate bumbu spices:
  • 3 shallots
  • 5 garlic
  • 3 candlenuts
  • 2 cm fresh turmeric / 2 tsp powdered
  • 2 tbsp coriander seeds/ 3 tsp powder
  • 2 tsp salt or to taste
  • 1 tsp tamarind paste
For basting the fish:
1. Clean and tap your fish with kitchen pepper towel. You can either deep scores on fish or splitting it wide. Then generously sprinkle with lime/ lemon juice all over the fish. Let is stand about 10 minutes while you prepare bumbu spice.

2. Make puree by blend and pound all spices. Use mortar and pestle or hand handled blender. Rub and marinate the fish with bumbu spice, cover with plastic wrap and let it stand at fridge at least 2 hours.

3. In small bowl, mix together kecap manis ( Indonesian sweet soy sauce) with cooking oil for basting the fish before you start grill the fish.

4. Prepare your grilling pan/ grilling stove. Basting with some cooking oil or butter. Start grill your fish each side until dry on skin then generously brush with basting mixture. Continue to grill for few more minute to make basting sauce absorb to the fish and slightly dry the skin.

Remove from grilling pan/ stove and serve it warm with sambal matah (recipe below), rice and some raw vegetables salad.

For sambal matah:
  • 8 shallots. thinly sliced
  • 2 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
  • 10 birds eye chilies, thinly sliced (increase or decrease amount of it as your prefer)
  • 2 kaffir lime leaves, thinly sliced
  • 2 lemongrass, white part only, thinly sliced
  • ¼ tsp shrimp paste, toasted
  • ¼ tsp salt or to taste
  • 3~5 tbsp cooking oil
  • lime/ lemon juice for serving
Making sambal matah:
Mix all sambal ingredients, except oil, in medium bowl. Heat cooking oil until almost smokey then mix into sambal mixture. Toss to combine. Served with Balinese grilled fish with splash of lime/ lemon juice.

⤋ ⤋ ⤋ ⤋ ⤋ ⤋ ⤋ ⤋ ⤋


Resep Ikan bakar khas Bali dengan sambal matah.
  • 2 ekor ukuran sedang gurami/ ekor kuning
  • perasan jeruk limau
Bersihkan ikan. Kerat-kerat bagian atasnya dan belah melebar tidak putus. Lalu lumuri dengan perasan jeruk. Diamkan sekitar 10 menit sambil kita siapkan bumbu halusnya.

Bumbu halus:
  • 3 butir bawang merah
  • 5 siung bawang putih
  • 3 biji kemiri sangrai
  • sekitar 2 cm kunyit/ 2 sdt bubuk kunyit
  • 3 sdt ketumbar/ 3 sdt bubuk ketumbar
  • 2 sdt garam atau sesuai selera
  • 1 biji asam jawa / 1 sdt pasta asam jawa

Haluskan semua bumbu diatas. Balur ikan degan bumbu halus dan simpan dalam lemari es minim 2 jam sebelum dipanggang.

Bahan untuk olesan ikan:
  • ± ⅓ gelas kecap manis
  • ± 3~4 sdm makan minyak

Campur bahan diatas dan sisihkan.

Siapkan semua alat untuk memanggang. Paling ideal memanggang ikan tentu saja diatas arang. Tapi jika tidak tersedia, bisa gunakan wajan pemanggang.
Olesi wajan pemanggang dengan minyak agar ikan tidak lengket dan panaskan diatas api sedang. 

Panggang Ikan hingga kulitnya kering. Jangan dibalik jika kulit belum kering karena akan merusak daging ikan. Setelah kulit ikan kering, bisa diolesi dengan campuran kecap manis+minyak diatas sambil teruskan memanggang hingga permukaan ikan kering dan bumbu meresap.

Sajikan hangat dengan sambal matah dan nasi hangat serta sayuran pelengkapnya.

Sambal matah
  • 8 butir bawang merah, diiris halus
  • 2 siung bawang putih, diiris halus
  • 10 buah cabai rawit merah, diiris halus
  • 2 lembar daun jeruk, diiris halus
  • 2 batang serai, bagian putihnya saja, diiris halus
  • ¼ sdt terasi bakar
  • ¼ sdt garam atau sesuai selera
  • 3~5 sdm minyak goreng, dipanaskan
  • perasan jeruk lemon/ purut

Cara membuat:
Aduk rata bawang merah, bawang putih, cabai rawit, terasi, daun jeruk, serai, garam, gula pasir, dan jeruk nipis sambil diremas-remas.
Tambahkan minyak yang sudah dipanaskan. Aduk rata.

Selamat mencoba.



  1. O wow, I've never made a whole fish...yet...but I should and I'm sure I will eventually ;)

    1. Yes Rebecca..you should try it! you gonna love it ^,^

  2. Wow! Your fish looks gorgeous and I love you used a whole fish.

    1. Thank you Christie.. like my mom, I always enjoy cooking whole fish especially for grill

  3. That fish is cooked to perfection the rub really makes the difference, love that it is somewhat spicy and full of flavor =)

    1. Thank you Adriana.. glad somebody like spicy food as well ^,^

  4. I wish that we could get fresh seafood around here! This would be awesome!

    1. Ow... I didn't know it's hard to find fresh fish in your area.

  5. This looks absolutely perfect, I loved fish. We grew up fishing with my dad and learned how to cook them whole. You did an amazing job with this. It's spectacular.

    1. wow.. you remind me of my dad too, his hometown has a small port where people could caught giant size fishes. thank you Kim


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