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Merhaba From Türkiye 👋

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Selam everybody....... Merhaba from Türkey.

İ always love roll cake.
İt's like enjoy b'day cake with delish buttercream or whipped cream in a small version.

And nothing more refreshing and indulging our summer taste than a fluffy and soft sponge cake rolled with sweet whipped cream and fresh strawberries.
This combination has a perfect balance between sweet and sour, fluffy and creamy and fruity. It’s amazing with a cup of tea in a sunny breezy summer day 😃

İ really enjoy trying and playing with many various recipes for my Swiss Roll Cake. İt gives me many experiences of knowing many roll cake type as much as İ can.

Check my previous roll cake İ already baked before in this link, and see your favorite recipe to try.

And today İ use vanilla sponge cake recipe adapted from kitchen tigers' vanilla sponge cake roll, here the link.

The sponge cake is delicious yet rolled-friendly! 😊 That's we are always love about roll cake recipe, right? easy / flexible to roll, don't crack and smooth. 
And what İ like about this recipe is we don't have to roll the cake over icing sugar or what so ever. Just Let it chill, fill it and roll it tight. Simple.

So here İ re-write the recipe for you who want to refresh your summer dinner table with this yummy fresh strawberry roll cake.
İ also add some pictures to gives you illustration how easy to make this dessert 😊
Hope you enjoy it.

Adapted from Kitchen tigers,
rebaked by me with minor adjustment

Make one  10"x 13" x 2" (30 x 25 x 4 cm)

  • 140 gr egg whites ( from about 4 medium eggs, but please DO WEİGHİNG)
  • 60 gr caster sugar
  • 60 gr egg yolks ( from about 4 medium eggs, but please DO WEİGHİNG)
  • 40 gr cake flour ( İ use AP flour)
  • 10 gr cornstarch ( original recipe didn't use it)
  • 1/16 tsp fine salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 60 gr corn oil


Line required baking tray with parchment paper. Preheat oven to 200°C

Whisk egg whites on medium-low speed till thick foam forms (pict #2). Gradually add caster sugar while continuing to whisk. 
Keep whisking till egg whites are at soft peak stage. Reduce speed to slow and continue to whisk till firm peak stage-when whisk is lifted, egg whites form peak that's hooked (pict #3).

Add yolks to whites in 4 batches. Whisk on slow speed till evenly mixed after each addition (pict #4). 

Sift half of the cake flour into mixture. Add salt. Mix with whisk till almost even. Sift remaining cake flour into the mixture. Mix with whisk till just even. 

Original recipe instructs to add vanilla extract and corn oil to the batter then fold with spatula till just evenly mixed. 
But İ have a simple method of how to blend oil to the thick batter without deflating the batter; Take some batter (± 1 cup) to another bowl, add oil and vanilla extract, start to fold until blend (pict #1). 
Then pour into remaining batter then fold few time to combine (pict #2 and #3). Bang the bowl gently to the counter to remove air bubble.

Slowly from high pour batter into pan, it can pop-up remaining air bubble (pict #4). 
Spread with spatula as evenly as possible, pushing batter into corners of pan. Jiggle till batter is level. Tap pan against worktop twice. 
Bake on middle shelf till middle of cake is springy when pressed about 10-11 minutes (it took me about 14 minutes with my oven). 

Remove from oven. Drop pan from 1' high 3-4 times. Unmould cake onto wire rack. Peel parchment paper from sides of cake. Leave till cool.

For filling:
  • Fresh Strawberry
  • whipped cream-- İ use 150 gr powdered whipped cream + 100 ml cold milk, whisk to stiff

Take the cake and lay over wide parchment paper, bottom side up. Spread whipped cream evenly to the surface, add strawberry chunks.
Start to roll from longer side. Roll tight and set. Wrap with parchment paper and let it set in refrigerator at least 1 hour before serving.



Asaalamu'alaykum......... Merhaba dari Türkey.

Apa kabar semua? semoga sehat dan tetep gembira bersama keluarga ya....
Lagi puncaknya musim panas nih disini... jadi bawaannya selalu pengen yang segar-segar mulai minuman sampai 'dessert' cake.

Pas juga musim strawberry.. ya sudah bikin strawberry roll cake ini aja.
Segar dari strawberry, manis dan lembut whipped cream dipadu dengan sponge cake yang lembut dan lezat.

Resepnya saya sadur dari Kitchen Tigers dengan sedikit adjustment bahan dan methode.
Lihat juga koleksi roll cake saya yang lainnya disini.

Yuk.. yang pengen nge-roll juga.. fillingnya bisa disesuaikan dengan isi kulkas juga kok... 😊

rebaked by me with minor adjustment

Menjadi 1 loyang uk.  10"x 13" x 2" (30 x 25 x 4 cm)

  • 140 gr putih telur (Ditimbang ya)
  • 60 gr gula kastor/ gulpas halus
  • 60 gr kuning telur ( Ditimbang)
  • 40 gr cake flour (saya pakai terigu prot sedang)
  • 10 gr pati jagung ( resep asli tidak pakai)
  • 1/16 sdt garam halus
  • 1 sdt vanilla extract
  • 60 gr minyak jagung
Cara membuat:

Panaskan oven suhu 200°C. Alasi loyang dengan kertas baking. Sisihkan.

Kocok putih telur dng kecepatan sedang sampai berbusa banyak, tambahkan gula kastor secara bertahap sambil terus dikocok dengan kecepatan sedang sampai soft peak.

Turunkan kecepatan mixer ke "rendah" dan lanjutkan mengocok  sampai firm peak stage-atau kaku.

Masukkan kuning telur dalam 4 tahap sambil dikocok dengan kecepatan rendah saja.

Ayak sebagian tepung dan garam halus. Aduk dengan whisk perlahan. Masukkan sisa tepung sambil diayak dan aduk hingga tercampur rata.

Ambil  ±1 cup adonan dan tambahkan minyak jagung dan vanilla ekstrak, aduk hingga tercampur sempurna. Lalu tuangkan ke adonan di mangkok besar. Aduk balik hingga tercampur rata.

Tuang adonan ke dalam loyang, ratakan dengan sepatula dan digoyang-goyang agar rata permukaannya.

Panggang kurleb 10-11 mnt sampai matang-ketika permukaannya kita tekan perlahan akan membal dan tidak kempes.
Sesuaikan kondisi oven masing-masing ya... saya butuhkan waktu sekitar 14 mnt dengan oven saya.

Angkat dari oven dan hati-hati jatuhkan loyang sekitar 20 cm dari permukaan meja untuk mengurangi penyusutan yang banyak.
Pindahkan diatas rak pendingin sebelum diberi filling.

Bahan isian:
  • Whipping cream-- saya pakai 150 gr whipped cream bubuk+100 ml susu cair sangat dingin dan dikocok sampai kaku
  • strawberry segar
Jika cake sudah benar dingin balikkan bagian bawah diatas, olesi whipping cream dan beri strawberry. Gulung dengan rapi. Bungkus dengan kertas roti dan diamkan dalam lemari es sapai set paling tidak 1 jam sebelum dipotong.

Happy baking. Semoga bermanfaat.


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  1. Wow, you make the most gorgeous rolls, so perfect and delicious-looking! I wish I could have a bite but just looking at these beauties makes me smile. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Wow, great looking strawberry roll. Look at all of that yummy cream. Takes me back to my childhood memories.

  3. Love the step by step pics! So helpful!

    1. İt's easier to follow C . thank you for stopping by ^_^

  4. I've never tried making a roll cake at home - they're SO lovely!


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