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Adana Kebab. Best and authentic recipe make it at home! / Adana Kebap. Recipe with video.

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Adana kebab is a hand-minced meat kebab, mounted on a wide long skewer then grilled (mangal) over charcoal. This kebab mostly has a spicy distinguished taste due to the addition of a lot of spicy Urfa biber / isot biber
Urfa biber is a dried Turkish chili pepper (type of Capsicum annuum cultivatedorigin from Urfa (Şanlıurfa- one province in southeast Turkey) 

This kebab is named after the city where this famous kebab came from - Adana.
Adana is the 6th big city in population (2016) in Turkey (south).

You may want to try this Çökertme kebabı also

Urfa biber / isot biber

There is also similar to this kebab named Urfa kebabı ( from Şanlıurfa) or people calls haşhaş kebabı which is less spicy than Adana kebab.

But I assure you those kebabs are extremely delicious and once you eat it you won't forget the taste and you will ask for more. 

Even the kebabs from Adana city (far away to south Anatolia), no need to worry if you visit Turkey (Istanbul or other cities) you'll find this Adana kebab seller everywhere almost in each city. But still-of course-you must-visit Adana to taste the real bud of Adana kebab 😊

And while you saving money and prepare your luggage for a trip to Turkey, you can first experience your flavor with this world-famous Turkish kebab.
I guarantee you'll get the best Adana kebab in your house with my authentic recipe.
Pssttt.... I got the recipe from one of my Turkish friend who takes Turkish cooking class from the local municipality 😍 

This Adana kebab should be mounted on a wide long iron skewer-the standard measurement should be 2 cm wide and 60 cm long. But you can use a shorter one from a bamboo-like mine.

If you are still hungry, try this TAS KEBABI

Adana kebab skewer (şiş) / sish

The kebab generally serves in portions together with bulgur pilav, lavaşh bread, onion salad and ayran drink. Grilled tomato and carliston chili pepper (banana pepper) also served along.
Also sometimes if we want a simple one, we can get a roll version in lavaşh flatbread roll with some vegetables calls Adana dürüm.

Adana Kebab. Best and authentic recipe. #turkishfood #middleeast #kebab #lamb #meat #kofta #adanakebab #bbq #mangal

So.... if you are ready to travel to Turkey with your taste..here is the recipe of adana kebabı.
Summer still on the air, bring your barbecue outside to festive the season.
But if you don't have charcoal to do 'mangal' (bbq) outside, you can simply grill the kebab over the grilling pan or roast them in the roasting oven. But still charcoal gives such a wonderful flavor in it.

Adana Kebab. Best and authentic recipe. #turkishfood #middleeast #kebab #lamb #meat #kofta #adanakebab #bbq #mangal

Adana Kebab Recipe. Video below.
By: Çitra's Home Diary
Make about 16~20 skewers.

  • ± 400 gr lamb, minced with a mincing knife (better) or machine
  • ± 500 gr beef, minced with a mincing knife (better) or machine
  • ± 50-100 gr tail fat, minced with mincing knife or machine
  • 1 medium onion, finely chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
  • 2~3 big red capia chilly peppers, seeded
  • 2~3 carliston chilly pepper/ banana pepper, seeded
  • ± 2 tsp salt or to taste
  • pinch of black pepper powder
  • pinch of cumin powder (optional-İ like adding a pinch of cumin on my kebab)
  • ± 2 tsp smoked paprika powder or Cayenne pepper powder
  • ± 1 tbsp Isot biber (Sanliurfa pepper flake)
  • Some wide skewer. İf you use bamboo skewers like mine, soak in oil for a few minutes.
smoked paprika

How to make:

1) Chopped onion and garlic. On a wide cutting board, chopped also carliston, kapia chilly pepper, and chopped it very finely using a mincing knife. Drain all chopped spices and squeeze the excess water.

2) Place all ingredients in a big bowl, mix and knead to combine well. 
Wet your palm with oil or water, take a skewer and with your wet hand take kebab mixture and form the meat around kebap skewers. Squash each ball around the skewer, pressing the mixture so it spreads along the skewer. Once all skewers are firmly covered, put them back in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour to developing the flavor.

Note: If you want to make it ahead, just keep your kebab mixture in an airtight container without put on skewer, defrost before use. Keep in freezer up to 4 days.

3) Heat lightly oiled grilled pan/ electric one over medium heat. Grill your chicken kebab until done on both sides. Grill also your lavash bread, tomatoes, and carliston chilly pepper to lightly brown for serve later. You can do over charcoal also, it's even better! 

For onion salad:
  • Big red onions, lengthwise sliced (today İ use yellow onion)
  • parsley, roughly chopped
  • sumac
  • Isot biber 
  • salt to taste
Make salad just before serving, mix all salad ingredients and toss to combine.

Updated with video at 22 September 2021

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Adana Kebab. Best and authentic recipe. #turkishfood  #resepmasakanturki #caramembuatkebabturki #middleeast #kebab #lamb #meat #kofta #adanakebab #bbq #mangal #authenticrecipe

Serve it with bulgur pilav (optional), lavash bread, grilled tomato, grilled banana pepper, and onion salad.
To make Adana dürüm, place one kebab over lavash bread, add Isot biber and onion salad then roll it. Serve with grilled tomatoes, carliston chili pepper, and more onion salad.

Bulgur pilaf Ingredients:
 1 ½ cup bulgur, rinsed and drained
 ⅓ cup canola oil
 1 medium onion, finely chopped
 2 bay leaves (optional)
 2 tablespoons sweet tomato paste
 ± 2 cups hot water (or chicken/ beef 
 Chicken/beef bullion (optional)
 1 ½ tsp salt or to taste
How to make a bulgur pilaf:
Heat oil in medium pan or skillet, saute onion and bay leaves until fragrant and wilted. Put in the bulgur, broth and salt then stir well. Pour hot water and stir well. Cover the pan and reduce heat at lowest level. Cook about 15 ~ 20 minutes. Turn off heat and let the pot remain closed about 10 minutes.

Don't forget to serve it with a foamy Ayran drink for the perfect lunch/dinner recipe below.

Afiyet Olsun.

How to make Ayran/ yogurt drink

For 1 lt yield, you will need about 300 gr ~ 400 gr plain thick yogurt (depend on the thickness you'd like), but mostly I make on those range quantity. Put on a big jar, and give a pinch of fine salt (about half tsp). Pour cold water about 300 ml, using a hand-handled blender or just manually with a wooden spoon to stir until all yogurt dissolves.

After the yogurt is completely dissolved, pour more cold water up to 1 lt and mix/ stir again to make them well blended. Keep in the refrigerator before serving.
You can add some more buzz when served if you want.

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