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AYRAN - Turkish Yogurt drink

Ayran: the perfect beverage
Ayran is a mixture of yoghurt, water and salt. The thickness may vary across Turkey with those down south preferring something a little firmer. Most commercial manufacturers add approximately 1 percent salt -- about 1 gram for every 100 milliliters of liquid. Unsalted versions are available and can be easily prepared at home. Ayran is the perfect accompaniment to kebabs, döner, lahmacun (very thin, flat-style pizza), gözleme (savory flat, phyllo-style pastry) and some pide (thicker-crust-style pizzas) and börek (savory pastry).
The potential health benefits attributed to the bacteria of yoghurt are related to the traditional, spontaneously fermented milks, not those soured with standard bacteria used in industrial production. Ayran purchased in sealed plastic and foil cups are unlikely to provide the sought-after gastrointestinal assistance; any bacteria present will not survive the harsh internal environment of the human body.
Ayran  is that the process of fermentation sees milk's natural sugar, lactose, broken down, used as food by the bacteria. This makes digestion of both drinks easier than their predecessor, milk. Their other nutritional benefits come from their abundant minerals; calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins riboflavin, B12, A, K and D.

What you need and how to prepare it:

For 1 lt yield, you will need about 300 gr ~ 400 gr plain thick yogurt (depend on thickness you'd like), but mostly I make on those range quantity. 
Put on big jar, give pinch of fine salt. Pour cold water 1st, 300 ml, using hand handles blender/ small electric mixer or just manually with wooden spoon to stir until all yogurt dissolve.

After all yogurt completely dissolved, pour more cold water up to 1 lt and mix/ stir again to make them well  blended.Keep in refrigerator before serving.
You can add some more buzz when served if you want.

Enjoy your cold and healthy Ayran


  1. Similar to Iranian doogh, only they add dried mint. I always thought ayran was something more complicated,I'll make it too.

  2. I used to drink a lot of it in Turkey, but I never new it was just yogurt with added water! I will have to try it!

  3. @Mitinita hello.. thx for visiting my blog. and yes, sometimes here also we add mint for some flavor

  4. Thanks very interesting post, will have to try this, if only we could get the weather to match :-)


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