♥♥ When two Cultures mixed (。◕‿◕。) Everything in my Page are only simple thing, but I did it with great love.


I'm coffee lover since my parents allowed me to drink coffee, I think when I was 8 or 7 yo :))
When my other friends at that age still drink a milk or tea, I started enjoy my traditional Indonesian "Kopi Tubruk". You know, kopi Tubruk is dark and strong coffee, even for adult :) But off course I drink it with sugar ... Since then, I began real coffee lover.. Love latte, cappuccino,etc... Until I got in Turkey and drink Turkish coffee.. Actually I heard this famous coffee before I really taste it...now I become a fan of it.

And staying here, I even can make my own Turkish coffee in my kitchen.. Every evening around 3 or 4, I always have my own "coffee time" :) 
Here some picture of Turkish coffee I made..

Turkish people say, the more "Köpük" you can make, the more delicious the coffee. "Köpük" means Foam in Turkish, which appear during certain way making Turkish coffee... Well.. If talking about Turkish coffee, believe it or not, we also talk about history and certain technique to make it and it'll be loooonnnggg sentences :)))
Just enjoy your coffee while it's hot :)



  1. Hhhmmm... I wish I could have a cup of that coffee right now!!!

  2. just perfect with ur peanut waffel ya Kim ? :))) they said : "Eat me.. eat me !" :)

  3. I love Turkish coffee! Even better being able to make it at home :)!

  4. Strange. My ancestor opened one of the first coffeehouses in Vienna, using coffee seized from the failed Turkish invaders.

  5. thanks for dropping by :) Im not a coffee drinker but that coffee looks really good.!


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