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Sambal goreng santan telur puyuh & Jantung sapi ( Quail egg & beef heart in spicy coconut milk)

One of my favorite dish that I do not have long time. Since living in Turkey, mostly daily menus I make is Turkish. End weekly check inside of my  fridge, there are quail eggs that I bought 2 weeks before, and a small part beef heart ... hmm .. thinking,what will make from those? Don't have any idea yet what will I make, I saw there is little remaining coconut milk which I already opened last week, thanks God it's still not yet expired, well.. so here you are, from those things now become
quail eggs mix with beef heart in spicy coconut milk (Ind: Sambal goreng santan telur puyuh & jantung sapi). Quail eggs also can be combined with beef liver or beef  meat as your family taste.
Yes, it's authentic Indonesian food, with several spices mixture and a little hot spicy (only if you like hot spicy). Served with hot white pilaf (rice)

- 300 grams of beef heart. Clean and cut into 2 cm cubes.
- 25 quail eggs. Hard boiled and peeled.
- 2 cups thick coconut milk
- 3 bay leaves
- 3 cm galangal. Bruised.
- 1 long red pepper. Seeded,finely slice lengthwise.
- 10 ~ 15 cayenne pepper (If you want more hot spicy, can be added as your taste)
- Salt and sugar according to taste.
- Enough oil for sauteing.
Mashed/ puree these ingredients:
- 3 cloves garlic
- 4 red onions (if using large red onion, use 1 / 4 parts only)
- 2 long red peppers
- 5 cayenne pepper (if you want more hot spicy can be added as your taste)
- fresh turmeric 1 cm
- 3  candlenut

1) Heat oil in a skillet, saute mashed spices until fragrant, put bay leaves, galangan, sliced red pepper and cayenne pepper. Saute until wilted. Add sugar and salt.
2) Mix in pieces of  beef heart and quail eggs. Pour 2 cups of boiled water. Cook until beef heart is soft . Move into larger pot. Add coconut milk and cook over medium heat until cooked. Do not forget to test the taste.
Serve warm.



  1. Oh myyyy just reading the Indo dish title made me drool.. I'm Malaysian so I can pretty much understand Indo cause it's so similar... and this dish looks amazing!!! Enak nyerr... gak makan sih..!!

  2. Hi Kimberly.. salam kenal... yes, it's making me drool also everytime I just remember my Traditional cuisines.. miss them ssoo much ! :((
    and this sambal goreng is my favorite back when I were in Indonesia... have a try ! :)


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