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Rujak Apel dan prem Serut (Indonesian apple and plum shredded salad)

One of many other traditional Indonesian food. "Rujak Serut" or shredded spicy fruit salad. Usually made from  mixture of various fruits are grated and given palm sugar and tamarind as sauce. Mostly added chili to give hot spicy taste. Really nice enjoyed while it's cold. 
But this time I try another mix fruits variation, the green apples and green plums, both have a distinctive sour taste. No less tasty and fresh than other fruits combination.

İngresients and how to make:
- 2 large green apples. roughly Shredded
- 200 gr of green plums. roughly Shredded

sugar sauce:
- 250 gr palm sugar
-  tamarind paste 2 tsp
- Pinch of salt
- Enough water.
- birdeye chillies to taste

ground birdeye chıllies and puree with salt and tamarind. Add palm sugar and small amount of water, no need too thin, just thick enough to make sauce.
Combine sauce with apples and plums that have been shredded before. Store in refrigerator before serving.



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