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Cap Cay (Indonesian style mix vegetable saute)

I am not a vegetarian, but most of my favorite and dish choice is vegetables, all kinds of vegetables. Vegetables have many benefits and most of the vitamins which our body needs. So if you do not like eating vegetables, start to think twice and try changing tastes and your mindset about these rich sources of vitamins and minerals.

It should be noted also, to gain maximum benefit from vegetable, cooking methods is also noteworthy. Several types of vegetables will actually lose their vitamins and minerals contained if cooked too much (too long). If your vegetables need to be cooked , try to cook it only as needed, not too long. I am even prefer eating some kind of  raw vegetables as a salad

This time I made Cap cay or Mix vegetable saute with Indonesian style. You can vary vegetables you want (add fresh green pea will do) to make this dish as well as other additional ingredient like shrimp or squid.

Serve: 4 ~ 6 servings

 ± 150 g boneless chicken, cut into bite size
 ± 100 gr chicken / beef sausage, sliced ​​round
 Some Indonesian meatballs (bakso) beef / fish, round slices
 1 large onion, finely chopped
 3 ~ 4 cloves garlic, crushed and finely chopped
 pepper powder, salt, sugar to taste
 1 ~ 2 tbsp sesame oil
 ± 1 tbsp oyster sauce
 A little tomato sauce / chili sauce
 Soy sauce to taste
 ½ medium-size broccoli, cut florets 
 ½ small-size cauliflower , cut florets
 2 medium carrots, sliced ​​round
 A few sheets of cabbage, cut into rough
 Enough cooking oil for sauteing

How to cook:
1) Heat oil in a deep wok, saute onion with garlic until fragrant and wilted. Cook in chicken, sausage and meatballs, stir until the chicken changes color.
2) Add carrots and stir well. Add some broth / hot water (amount according to your taste. If you want more gravy, add more broth). Cover the wok and cook until carrots slightly soft before stir in cauliflower and broccoli. Season with pepper powder, sesame oil, oyster sauce, ketchup and soy sauce. Test the taste. Cook for few minutes only--I like my vegetable slightly crunchy.
3) Finally stir in cabbage and mix few minutes, just until wilted only. Turn off the heat.

Serve warm with steamed white rice.


  1. Yay,,,masak-masak lagi,this is one of my favorite indonesian food,remind me "hajatan foods" YUMMY !!

  2. Hi Citra..if you serve this with rice..I just push the rice aside..I prefer just the vege...love this so much.

  3. It looks absolutely delicious. I'm not a vegetarian either, but I do love my veggies!

  4. @Ridwan: As long as I'm fine dan gak berasa mual masuk dapur.. tetap donk exist..hehehe..

    @Paty: :)) me too.. sometimes I just eat this cap cay with/out rice :))

    @Mom chef: Glad you are in same boat with me ^,^

  5. This looks beautiful and healthy, and I love the colors! :) Wonderful recipe.

  6. Veggies with a good balance of meat, that is how I get hubby to eat more of them! This looks like something we both would enjoy and reap the health benefits. Tasty post!

  7. @healthyfoodietravels and Tina : hope you can try also in your kitchen and ofcourse with your personal touch will be great..:)

  8. Looks quite colorful and delicious.

  9. i LOVE vegetables. i've been enjoying them cooked lately. cauliflower and cabbage are some of my favs. this dish looks flavorful and delicious!

  10. Yum! This looks delicious! My hubby wants meat, but I'd be happy with just your beautiful, flavorful veggies!


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