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Hot Chocolate (Our fave beverage during winter)

This January I think the peak of winter, the snow seemed never stopped since beginning of new year's eve. Just few days to stopped, then continue snowing again for another nights. I am almost reluctant to leave my house because it was so freezing outside. I was born and raised in tropical country where the coldest weather ever there is only about 16degC, and that's even if we go to higher place.
almost never stop snowing
I almost did not leave my house during this January without any emergency purposes or very important thing to do, plus my current condition, I would immediately nausea and vomiting when I were in cold.
One alley corner near my home
Anyway, in freezing weather like this we always make something that can warm our self. Beside Turkish tea which has already become a habit in our house, this hot chocolate is also always my huby's request and other family member if they visited our home.
serve 2
Ingredients and how to prepare:
 2 cups of milk
 2 ½ dessert spoons Dutch process cocoa powder
 4 ~ 5 (or to taste) dessert spoons granulated sugar
 ± 80 g dark (or semisweet) cooking chocolate
 Whipped cream (optional) and chocolate saved for garnish

In a small saucepan, stir together milk, sugar and cocoa powder, heated over very low heat and stirring gently bring to simmer and foamy. Mix in the cooking chocolate and continue stirring gently until the chocolate is melted and dissolved.

Serve hot with whipped cream and a sprinkle with chocolate as a garnish.


  1. Oooooh, this looks like utter, indulgent bliss, and Cleveland is snowy and ice-rainy anyways. Lovely recipe! :)

  2. Oh, this looks fabulous, Citra!!! So yummy with the cocoa and chocolate. And what a picturesque spot you call home :) Hope you're feeling better each day~

  3. @Lizzy : yes, thx God I feel better each day now.. hope will be okay too with my baking ability :))

  4. @Kiri, healthyfoodietravels: thank U and glad U like the recipe :)

  5. Oh Citra, that looks so good. I'm sure it warmed you all the way down to your toes. I loved that picture of your home too. You need to share more of those. :)

  6. This looks fabulous! I love hot chocolate :)

  7. I love hot chocolate so much! Perfectly comforting during the winters. All the pictures look great!

  8. @TheMomChef: Thx, and yes I'll try to put as many picture as I can if I can 'sneak' outside for few minutes :))

  9. @Purabi & Kelly :thank U so much dear..:)

  10. As the snow may be terrible to go out in, it sure is pretty and this hot chocolate looks like the perfect thing to ward off the cold weather blues!

  11. i love hot chocolate during the winter season. :) who can resist a mug?!


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