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I've been gone for a while (with a happy reason) and here I am again

Hi everybody..... I know.. I know.. I've been 'disappear' for few weeks
Since early December 2011 I feel there was change in me. I became very very lazy (yes I am talking very bad  laziness .. hahaha). I did not want to do anything... start from cleaning my house, cooking, I didn't touch my craft at all, I'm even lazy to eat  and do simple things or just touch my computer / internet. I began to leery that I'm pregnant when I didn't get my period in time and start had bad nausea ...just exhausting and frustrating days for me.
Well! I'm pregnant!

During the first week of my pregnancy --This my funny story and I couldn't understand why--I could not cook anything right! Once or twice I baked cakes and everything ends up in the trash because sodden or shrink or burn! Even easy-cook dishes which usually I make everyday--sometimes too salty, or burning or taste weird ... hahahhaa ... Anyone know why is that?

little miracle inside me, 14 weeks
Frankly speaking, this is very first experience for me. Thrilling, full of surprising, delightful and little worried at same time .. so I'm trying to open minded for any information and advice from everybody, family, close friends, even from strangers I met on the bus!

well, I am so excited till I don't know what to write anymore because too many things I want to share to the world .. I am too happy @(^,^)@

These couples days I feel a little better than  previous weeks. I can do my normal activities since bad nausea slightly reduce. Only sometimes suddenly  I felt sick and nausea every time I see my husband.. hahaha...

I hope I can cook "normal" again and share it to you again.. miss that too though... :)


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  1. Hey congratulations Citra, I m happy for you so take care ha...

  2. First of all congratulations,semoga sehat-sehat saja sampai persalinan nya and welcome back,hope you feeling normal to cook and share with us again
    ;) and take care !!

  3. ahhhhhh congratulations citra!!! :D awwww what a delight! you must continue to keep us posted on the baby. :) and i love the new blog layout!

  4. Congratulations, I am so happy for you! Being pregnant does kind of change things when it comes to preferred foods! Welcome back and I hope to see you share something from your kitchen soon.

  5. Hi Citra!!!! I've missed you! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Looks like your hormones have gone haywire making you do funny things that you don't usually do :D

  6. woaa!!! congratz citraa!! happy for u dear!!!
    my friend is pregnant too and I just know a week ago, this is something to celebrate and yes something to take care, haha ha!
    it's ok sweetheart, nanti juga ok lagi kok, just enjoy it as long as u can, coz when the baby is grow up u'll miss that :D
    congratz and take times to post and cook "normal" again, just glad to know that u safe and healthy, send my bless to ur little one ya :)

  7. Wow, Citra! Such great news! Is this your first baby? ...if it is it's amazing! Congratulations my dear to you and your hubby!
    Keep us posted, and updates on your pregnancy:DDD

  8. Citra:
    Congratulation on getting a dragon baby! :-P
    For us Chinese, love to have dragon babies, during dragon year you will see the birth rate shoot up rapidly hahaha....

    Hope you have a easy and smooth pregnancy.

  9. @Yin: Hi Yin..!! wow, really? I'm not chinese but I heard that couples would be try to have babies in dragon (chinese)year .. can you tell me the reason? :))

  10. @Elisabeth: Thank you dear and yes, this is my 1st... and thx for the support.

    @Elies Lie: makasih banget ya dear...keep following your mouthwatering posts :p

    @Bargamot: Thank U ^,^

  11. @ Ping, Ridwan, Tina, Junia and Paty: thank you so much.. miss you all too :)

  12. Such fabulous news, Citra!!! I'm just delighted for you!!!!


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