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Easy Strawberry Ice cream (No machine required)

Ramadhan comes in summer this year 2014... Long day for fasting and so hot outside... May Allah gives us more 'pahala' (reward). And I think nothing more comfort and refreshing us after iftar in this Ramadhan than a cup (or more) of strawberry ice cream. I have no ice cream machine at home but it can't stop me to festive our summer days in this holy month.
You can make this also for your family.

Make about 800 ml
- about 400 gr fresh strawberry ( you can use frozen one too)
- Condensed milk about 1 cup
- Thick cream 1 cup
- Sugar about 4~5 Tbsp (according your taste) -- I used 4 because I add strawberry jam in my ice cream.
- few tsp homemade or store bought strawberry jam (optional)

How to:

  1. Juice strawberry in blender. Strain to remove the seeds (But you can skip this step and will have lovely texture in your ice cream later).
  2. Mix strawberry juice, condensed milk, cream and sugar back in to blender. Pulse few minutes until all corporate well. Meanwhile prepare tin container in freezer for few minute.
  3. If you have ice cream maker you can put in it and follow machine instruction, if not (like me) go to steps bellow.
  4. Pour the mixture into that prepare container and freeze it for about 1 hour or so. Take out ice cream and break some ice that formed. pour it in blender and pulse to smooth the ice. (better if you purchase hand blender too). Pour the mixture into container again and freeze for another 1 hour or so.
  5. Do same step 4) .. 2 or 3 times more, at last blender process, pour the ice cream into container, spread some strawberry jam and swirl it. Freeze it at least over night.
Move your ice cream onto refrig at least 30 minute before serving.

Enjoy your summer..


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