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Peynirli Yumurtalı Pide / Turkish Pide bread with cheese and egg topping

In Turkey, pita (called pide) has a soft, chewy texture. The pizza-like foods called lahmacun are made with oval-shaped pieces of pide dough topped with finely chopped meat and herbs before baking. Pide also refers to another pizza-like food made of pide dough topped with different ingredients. Regional variations in the shape, baking technique, and topped materials create distinctive styles for each region. Such pides can include chicken, beef, cheese, potatoes, garlic and many other ingredients. Beside Pide with meat toppingchicken toppingTurkish sausage topping, this time I made it with cheese and egg  topping. Also you can choose ayran for drink.

Serve: 8 pieces medium size

PIDE bread Ingredients:
 4 cups flour, divide.
 2 tsp instant dry yeast
 1 tablespoon sugar
 1 ½ cups lukewarm water, divide.
 6 tablespoons olive oil (or other vegetable oil)
 2 teaspoon salt
Topping ingredients:
 Eggs

 Dill or parsley, roughly chopped for sprinkle
 White cheese
crumbled feta cheese.
 cheddar cheese, shredded coarse.
Spreads over:
2 egg yolk beaten with 1 tablespoon vegetable oil.

Butter for spread after baked.

For PIDE bread dough: Take 2 tablespoons flour (from those 4 cups portion), mixed with instant yeast and sugar, put ½ cup warm water, stir well and leave in warm place until fluffy about 10 minutes. Once it fluffy and foamy, combine remaining flour, remaining warm water, salt and olive oil. Knead until dough is smooth and not sticky on your fingers. At this stage you might be need a little warm water or flour to form smooth dough. Do it carefully. Cover with plastic stretch or kitchen towel and let stand in warm place until fluffy and double in volume. Hit/ flatten the dough to remove air, divide into 8 equal parts and form small balls.

Finishing: Take one part (one ball) and roll with rolling pin to form a long oval shape. Give toppings: crumbled feta cheese, white cheese, grated cheddar cheese then fold each edge to the middle and attach each both end to form such a mini-boat. (see my pide shape picture). Break eggs on top of it (careful not over the pide bread). Brush the bread with beaten eggyolk. Do same thing until all finished. Bake in pre-heat oven 160 ⁰C for 25 ~ 30 minutes until golden brown. Once they out of oven, spread with butter till oily.

Serve warm with sprinkle of dill or parsley... Afiyet Olsun.

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