♥♥ When two Cultures mixed (。◕‿◕。) Everything in my Page are only simple thing, but I did it with great love.

Celebrating Eidul Fitr (Ramazan Bayram) and also My kid's 2nd B'day

Happy Eid al Fitr 1435 H for you who celebrate it. 

This Eid al Fitr 2014 is the happiest and memorable moment for me. After more than 5 times celebrated Eid in Turkey, this is the first time I feel like celebrate Eid al Fitr in my own country. Many my Indonesian fellow came to visit with their family. Some students who study here also came to visit.. to tied more closely relationship.

Beside that memorable Eid al Fitr, this year coincide with  my lovely baby's birthday, Sahnaz Kale this July turns 2! .. Time feel too fast passing by.. I still feel I just born her few months ago..now she turns 2 !

Two happy reasons (Eid al Fitr and my princess' B'day) is enough for me to celebrate it, just simple celebration. We invited some Indonesian to spend happy moment with simple Indonesian and Turkish Foods.

Like normally b'day party I also made one simple b'day cake for my daughter. This chocolate cake  made from 1 recipe of steamed chocolate sponge cake and 1 recipe chocolate brownie recipe steamed with simple fondant decoration. And chocolate frosting recipe here.

Some simple mix Indonesian and Turkish food-- like Yaprak sarması (recipe here), Gül Boreği (recipe here), kısır (read keser) from here for salad.. sıgara boreğı --recipe here

Gül Boreği (recipe here). It's phylo dough cheese pastry. You must try this yummy cheesy 'Rose pastry' for brunch maybe..

I made simple fried noodle with homemade ramen noodle. I'll try to edit that recipe soon and will post it here as soon as I can d(^,^)b

Yaprak sarması, pilaf wrapped in grape leaves (recipe here)...

This is my favorite Bolu kukus mekar. It's Indonesian steam cupcake. What it make this cupcake so special is the blooming effect ..isn't do pretty? :D

Sweet and sour Seitan( Ind: Gluten) and sausage. Recipe will come up soon after I edit it.

Happy Eid el Fitr.


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