♥♥ When two Cultures mixed (。◕‿◕。) Everything in my Page are only simple thing, but I did it with great love.

Stolen picture ..Stolen Recipe...not link back...çalıntı fotoğraflar.

Making  a blog page it's not as easy as you think..especially cooking blog. There are many effort we put there. We trial error of some recipe, then make "report" for our reader so they can take some learn and evaluations from our failure. So it's not just write recipe that we never really try in our kitchen then we can easily take somebody else' photos.

And if we were success with our recipe..still we make so many effort to photograph them..edit those picture ..make a file ..then present them to our audience/ reader so our reader-again- can take some learn and evaluation from it...YES!! WE ARE WORKİNG to make our page !

But how do you feel if you find your recipe or your photograph suddenly on other'page without our permission or even didn't link to us...and worse is: taken our photo work for their own commercials purpose? What will you do?

İt often happens to me. Sometimes directly İ comment that post which content my work then link to my page--mostly they delete my comment but still continue using my photo work...İt's truly annoying! some other time İ email them to delete my photo work or at least link to my page blog. yes..this way also sometimes we deal with stubborn person..sometime if İ'm lucky İ get positive respond from them... But still it's annoying right? We can not all time randomly googling our own post to see who use our work without permission or link to us.

And here some of my photo work which being used by others without my permission. İ show their link also for you. İ will not take down those picture until they contact me personally or comment in this post to say sorry and remove the picture they use.

For now İ only googling randomly those my 2 posts and found that..Who knows how many more İ don't see it.
So.. until they didn't say sorry or ask permission to me İ will not take those pictures down.

My email: benim.citra@gmail.com


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