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Marble Butter Cake Recipe / Resep Cake marmer

Resep dalam Bhs İndonesia di bagian bawah

Selam everybody....Merhaba from Turkey...

Butter cake, one of cake I grew up with. I still remember taste of my grand mother's butter cake until now. 
Back then in my homeland I remember anytime there was an event like wedding or birthday or new born baby or circumcision ceremony there was always this kind of cake.
Slightly crumble with swirl pattern like marble is typical cake we can find easily in "kampong" or Indonesian alley as homemade.

Unfortunately my grandmom past away when I was still at high school and had no chance to ask her any of the recipes. Well, my auntie do made this ... yet I didn't ask her yet until today ^,^ ... maybe later. 

Hence lately I wander around the net about this marble cake recipe. I found some- both western and east/ Asia style and try to compare them. Read and review some of them. Mostly western style use whole egg method to their recipe while east/ Asia style mostly separate egg method--well few of east style also use whole egg but still bit different here and there from western method.

And after reading, reviewing, and comparing those recipes I decided to use the recipe from "Life is Great" blog. Seems her recipe which she got from her friend's mother-in-law is quite give almost same taste and texture like my grand mother made long years ago. 
And here I write her recipe but using metric measurement with minor addition by me.

Marble Butter Cake.
Adapted from "Life is Great" with minor change

Ingredients (make one 23 cm round pan)
  • 8 large size eggs, separated yolks from whites
  • 250 g caster sugar
  • 255 g all-purpose flour
  • ½ tsp  baking powder
  • ¼ tsp salt (reduce if you using salted butter)
  • vanilla bean, scrape (you can use 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract/ essence / paste)
  • 340 g butter (I use unsalted but feel free use salted one)
  • 2 Tbsp (about 25 g) dark cocoa powder
  • ½ tbsp black forest paste (my additional)


Preheat oven at 160°C (mine with fan force also-see note below). Set rack in the middle side of oven. Generously brush 23 cm (about 8") cake pan with margarine, line the bottom side with parchment/ baking paper, set a side.

Sift together all purpose flour, baking powder and salt in medium bowl, set a side.

Lightly beat yolks with caster sugar in small bowl.

In clean, big glass/ aluminium bowl beat egg white until stiff peak. Set aside 

In different (big) bowl, cream butter until light and fluffy-- I use same hand handled mixer I used for egg white before without wash it, no problem, unless you have 2 electric mixer ^,^. Gradually beat in yolks sugar mixture and vanilla into butter, continue beating with medium speed until incorporated.

Fold in meringue into butter in three batches, fold nicely with rubber spatula until well combine. Then gradually fold in dry ingredients, fold nicely to combine.

Spoon about ⅓ part (I took almost half of the batter) of that batter into medium bowl, sift in cocoa powder and black forest paste (if using) then fold to combine well.

Pour about half the white batter into the prepared pan, dollop some chocolate batter in some spots then cover with rest of white batter again and dollops with rest of chocolate batter again.

Using fork or knife start to swirl your batter (with circular motion) to make marble pattern. Careful not to do it too much otherwise you'll end up mixed up white and chocolate batter!

Bake about 45~55 minutes. Check by insert skewer in middle of cake, if comes out clean you done. Just recognize your oven's condition cause might gives different result. I bake mine about 60 minutes.
Note: My cake was crack on surface, it's probably my oven was too hot with fan force so it's dried the surface so fast but inside not yet properly cook, so it's crack. Maybe next time I will try without fan force. Just lower your temperature if you notice your cake start to crack.

Remove from oven and invert to cooling rack to cool completely.

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Untuk loyang ukuran 22~24 cm
Resep adaptasi dari Life is Great.

  • 8 butir telur ukuran besar, pisah kuning dari putihnya
  • 250 gr gula kastor (gula pasir halus)
  • 255 gr terigu serba guna (protein sedang)
  • 340 gr mentega
  • ½ sdt  baking powder
  • ¼ sdt garam halus
  • 1 batang vanili, kerok isinya (bisa gunakan 1 ½ sdt esens/ pasta/ extract vanili)
  • 2 sdm (sekitar 25 gr) bubuk kakao
  • ½ sdm pasta black forest (optional)

Cara membuat:

Panaskan oven pada suhu 160°C, posisi rak di bagian tengah oven. Olesi loyang dengan margarine dan alasi dasarnya dengan baking paper. Sisihkan.

Dalam mangkuk kecil, campurkan kutel dengan gula kastor, kocok dengan balon whisk hingga tercampur saja. Sisihkan.

Ayak jadi satu terigu, baking powder dan garam, sisihkan.

Kocok putel hingga kaku, sisihkan.

Dalam mangkuk besar yang lain, kocok mentega hingga mengembang dan pucat (saya gunakan mikser bekas mengocok putel). Lalu masukkan campuran kutel gula dan vanilli kocok dengan kecepatan sedang hingga tercampur rata.

Campurkan ⅓ bagian kocokan putih telur ke dalam kuning telur+mentega, lalu aduk balik hati-hati. Lalu ⅓ bagian lagi, aduk balik. Terakhir masukkan sisa putel dan aduk balik dengan spatula hingga rata (lihat ilustrasi diatas).

Lalu masukkan campuran bahan kering, aduk balik hingga tercampur sempurna.

Ambil ⅓ bagian dan taruh dalam mangkok lain, Campurkan pasta black forest (jika pakai) dan bubuk kakao sambil diayak, aduk rata.

Tuang sebagian adonan putih ke dalam loyang lalu sendokkan sebagian adonan coklat. Tuang sisa adonan putih diikuti adonan coklat dengan sendok di atas adonan putih. Buat motif marmer dengan gapu atau pisau.

Panggang dalam oven selama 45~55 menit atau hingga matang. Cek dengan tusuk sate.

Balik dan dinginkan cake diatas rak pendingin.


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  1. I love finding old cake recipes. They still seem to be the best. This one looks amazing.

    1. Yes Christie, old cakes brings me back to nice childhood memories too. thx for stopping by ^,^

  2. This looks absolutely amazing, marble cake is so pretty!

  3. Beautiful cake - appreciate the step by step directions too! Looks delish!!!

  4. Marble cakes are always so pretty. I love reading about recipes that bring happy memories with them!

    1. Far away from my country really makes me miss my country with all sweet childhood memories..thx Kristen

  5. This marble cake is so very creative. I love the chocolate infusion.

  6. This looks like such a delicious cake! I'm glad you were able to find a version that is similar to your grandmother's. All the best recipes and memories come from family recipes!

    1. You are absolutely right Patricia, best recipe is family recipe cause there is bitter sweet memories in the ingredients ^,^


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