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Balinese satay Lilit With "sambal matah" (raw lemongrass chili relish)

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I am pretty sure that you’ve heard of Indonesia or maybe some of you think that Bali is somewhere near Indonesia and thought that it is a country of its own. Maybe it was all because the diversity of Indonesian culture that made us (or some of us) think that way. 
Well, for you who didn't know yet, Bali is one of Indonesian islands among more than 17.000 others.

There are so many ways to explore Indonesia and if you have little time to actually travel to the beautiful Indonesia, you can do it by tasting our FOOD! 😊

Indonesian cuisine often demonstrates complex flavor, acquired from certain ingredients and bumbu spices mixture. Indonesian dishes have rich flavors; most often described as gurih (savory which equate to umami) and pedas (hot and spicy), and also a combination of basic tastes such as manis (sweet), asin (salty), asam (sour) and pahit (bitter). 

Seven main Indonesian cooking methods are goreng (frying), bakar (roasting) or panggang (grilling), tumis (sautéing), sangrai (roasted), rebus (boiling) and kukus (steaming).
Talking about how rich İndonesian food is... today İ'll share you one of İndonesian favorite; Sate Lilit Bali. It's one of famous food from Bali island, beside Balinese grilled fish ( ikan bakar) or urap sayur and ayam pelalah (spicy shredded chicken).

The various spices used to make this meal so rich and umami. The herbs and fresh vegetables added also enrich and distinguish this dish from other places in Indonesia.

This satay lilit is commonly found when you visited Bali. And it served with fragrant and refreshing Sambal matah, recipe below.
Sambal matah is Balinese style raw sambal. With sharp lemongrass and kaffir leaves flavor distinguish this sambal from other Indonesian sambal types we have. And this sambal matah always serve with almost everything in Balinese cooking. 

So if you are ready to travel with your taste to Indonesia.... you should start gathering some spice and some friends to "travel" with you 😊

Balinese satay Lilit With "sambal matah" (raw lemongrass chili relish) 
By: Çitra's Home Diary

🍡 250 gr minced fresh fish (like tuna or mackerel)
🍡 200 gr minced chicken (you can reduce the portion of chicken and add some more fish)
🍡 40 gr desiccated coconut ( or ±100 gr fresh shredded coconut)
🍡 2 tsp sugar or to taste
🍡 1-2 tsp salt or to taste
🍡 1 tsp white pepper powder (you can use black one too)
🍡 1 lemongrass, bruised and finely slice
🍡 4 kaffir lime leaves, remove leaf bone then finely slice
🍡 some lemongrass for skewer ( or you can use bamboo skewer)

ground spices:
🍡 3 red chili pepper
🍡 2-4 spicy red curly chili ( depends on how spicy you wanna go)
🍡 1 medium red onion ( or 6-7 small red shallot)
🍡 5 big cloves of garlic
🍡 1 cm fresh ginger, lightly toasted 
🍡 2 kaffir lime leaves
🍡 2 cm fresh turmeric, lightly toasted ( or use ½ tsp powder one)
🍡 2-3 candlenuts, toasted
🍡 1 tsp toasted "terasi" or Indonesian dried shrimp paste
🍡 2-3 Tbsp cooking oil

How to Cook:

1. Mix together minced fish and chicken with coconut in a medium bowl. Set a side.

2. Using mortar and pestle (or blender), blend all spices to pureé. Saute the spices until fragrant and oily. Then mix it into a bowl with fish, chicken and coconut.

3. Mix in other ingredients (except lemongrass for skewers), mix well to combine. Taste test by frying a little mixture. Add more salt, sugar or pepper if necessary, according to taste. It should be umami with balance taste from other spices.

4. Take a little satay mixture then wrap it into white part of lemongrass and shape like an oval ball. 

5. Grilled over the charcoal or over grilling pan. You can roasted in the oven as well, pre heat oven at 200℃, place a rack over baking tray. Grill the satay over the rack for about 15 minutes, turn over every 10 minutes.

Serve with sambal matah (recipe below).

For sambal matah:
  • 10 shallots. thinly sliced
  • 2 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
  • 10-15 birds eye chilies, thinly sliced (increase or decrease amount of it as your prefer)
  • kaffir lime leaves, thinly sliced
  • lemongrass, white part only, thinly sliced
  • ¼ tsp dried shrimp paste, toasted
  • ¼ tsp salt or to taste
  • 3~5 tbsp cooking oil
  • lime/ lemon juice for serving
Making sambal matah:

Mix all sambal ingredients in medium bowl- except oil. Heat cooking oil until almost smokey then mix into sambal mixture. Toss to combine. 
Served with splash of lime/ lemon juice.

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