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Kıymalı Börek (Turkish Minced Meat Filling Phyllo Pastry). Recipe with video.

 Resep dalam Bhs Indonesia ada dibagian bawah

Merhaba From Türkiye 👋

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Kıymalı Börek (Turkish Minced Meat Filling Phyllo Pastry) | Çitra's Home Diary. #börekler #resepmasakanturki #turkishfoodrecipe #mincedmeatpastry #turkishborek #borekrecipe #foodphotography #resepsarapan

Most of the time, the word "börek" is accompanied in Turkish by a descriptive word referring to the shape, ingredients of the pastry, the cooking methods, or for or a specific region where it is typically prepared.

In Turkey, we know many varieties of börek depends it filling and how to make it. 
Su böreği  literally means 'water börek' is one of the most common types. Layers of dough are boiled briefly in hot water, then a mixture of feta cheese, parsley, and oil is scattered between the layers. The whole thing is brushed with butter and laid in a masonry oven (we call it taş fırını) to cook.

For example we have Gül böreği  or 'rose börek', also known as Yuvarlak böreği  or 'round or spiral börek' in English, which are rolled into small spirals.

Çiğ börek or Çibörek or 'raw börek' is a half-round shaped börek, filled with raw minced meat and fried in oil on the concave side of the sac, very popular in places with a thriving Tatar community, such as Eskişehir, Polatlı, and Konya.
You can check the recipe here.

Kıymalı Börek (Turkish Minced Meat Filling Phyllo Pastry) | Çitra's Home Diary. #börekler #resepmasakanturki #turkishfoodrecipe #mincedmeatpastry #turkishborek #borekrecipe #foodphotography #resepsarapan

Börek not always to be savory or meaty, we also have something sweet calls Laz böreği, a specialty of the Rize region, which is a sweet version, filled with muhallebi (Ottoman-style milk pudding or custard) and served sprinkled with powdered sugar. You can check my recipe here.

You can check all my börekler or Turkish pastry recipes on category Börekler ve Poğaçalar here.

And today I will share another kind of börek called Kıymalı börek or börek with minced meat filling. It is also called Kıymalı Kol böreği .
Kol literally means arm, is a long roll börek, either rounded or lined and filled with either minced meat, feta cheese, spinach, or potato and baked at a low temperature.

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Kıymalı Börek (Turkish Minced Meat Filling Phyllo Pastry) | Çitra's Home Diary. #börekler #resepmasakanturki #turkishfoodrecipe #mincedmeatpastry #turkishborek #borekrecipe #foodphotography #resepsarapan

Different from my previous kıymalı börek, in this version I use thinner phyllo dough which is usually made for baklava called baklavalık yufka.

Translation results

There are two kinds of phyllo dough (yufka) commonly found here, one for making börek, which is thicker and moister. It has a wide round shape. And yufka to make baklava, called baklavalık yufka, with very thin phyllo sheets that are transparent and tend to dry quickly. Usually in rectangle shape. Baklavalık yufka is what makes baklava crispy and thinly layered.
Phyllo for börek

If you want to make meat börek with böreklik phyllo dough you can check this link.

Kıymalı Börek (Turkish Meat filling phyllo pastry)
By: Çitra's Home Diary

Phyllo dough (about 25 sheets)

🍴 500 gr ground meat (no fat if possible)
🍴 3-4 big yellow onion, finely chopped
🍴 3-4 garlic. Very finely chopped
🍴 ± 2 tbsp olive oil
🍴 1½ tsp (to taste) salt
🍴 1 tsp (to taste) black pepper powder
🍴 1 tsp red chili flake
🍴 2 tsp sugar

sauce for phyllo:
🍴 1 big egg
🍴 200 gr milk
🍴 100 gr oil
🍴 70 gr butter, melted
🍴 pinch of salt

How to make:

1. Make the filling.
Heat a pan or a wok over high heat. Sauteé the minced meat until it changes the color. Stir in chopped garlic and onion. Stirring occasionally until fragrant and onion are translucent. Add 2 tbsp olive oil.
Keep stirring until the onion nicely caramelize and the water dries out. The mixture looks oily and dry.
Season with black pepper powder, chili flake, salt, and sugar. Continue to stir fry until well blended, don't forget to check the taste.
Remove from heat and let it chill for a few minutes.

2. Prepare the sauce.
Beat egg in a medium bowl, add salt (optional). Mix in melted butter, oil, and milk.

3. Preheat oven at 170 ℃. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

4. Open your phyllo dough, always cover the dough with a damp napkin/ kitchen towel to prevent drying. Working 1 phyllo sheet at a time, lay 3 phyllo sheets on the working table. Generously spread the sauce all over the sheet. Lay another 2 phyllo sheets then again generously spread the sauce all over the phyllo sheet.
Note: keep stirring the sauce during use to prevent separation.

5. Then spread the meat filling on the longer side of the phyllo, roll it into a long log then arrange it over the baking tray. You can either bend it round or leave it long. 
Do the same procedure until all finish. Brush the börek with the remaining sauce. Optionally you can spread some sesame seeds also.

6. Bake in the preheated oven until golden brown for about 30 minutes.
Once it's out from the oven, cover it with a clean damp napkin/ kitchen towel. Let it cool for a few minutes before serving.
Note: The baking time and temperature only guidance. Adjust according to your own oven condition. Recognize and adjust as needed.

Cut the börek into bite-size and enjoy.
Afiyet Olsun.

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Kıymalı Börek (Turkish Minced Meat Filling Phyllo Pastry) | Çitra's Home Diary. #börekler #resepmasakanturki #turkishfoodrecipe #mincedmeatpastry #turkishborek #borekrecipe #foodphotography #resepsarapan

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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Merhaba dari Türki semuanya 👋

Terima kasih udah mampir kemari ya. Boleh kok tinggalkan kesan dan pesan di kolom komen dibawah... Saya akan sangat-sangat berterima kasih dan makin semangat update-update 💟

Kıymalı Börek (Turkish Minced Meat Filling Phyllo Pastry) | Çitra's Home Diary. #börekler #resepmasakanturki #turkishfoodrecipe #mincedmeatpastry #turkishborek #borekrecipe #foodphotography #resepsarapan

Börek adalah sejenis pastry khas Turki. Berbeda dengan pastry-pastry negara lainnya, börek biasanya dibuat dengan kulit pastry khas Turki yang dibikin homemade. Tapi di market-market atau pasar juga banyak dijual kulit börek yang siap pakai.

Kulit börek ini disebut "yufka". Ada dua jenis "yufka" yang ada di pasaran. Yaitu böreklik yufka dan baklavalık yufka.
Böreklik yufka bentuknya bulat lebar banget, tidak setipis baklavalık yufka, dan agak lembab.
Sedangkan baklavalık yufka umumnya dipakai untuk membuat baklava. Umumnya berbentuk segi panjang, tipis sekali dan cenderung cepat kering. Jika jenis yufka ini sudah dibuka dari kemasan, disarankan untuk segera menghabiskannya karena tidak bisa disimpan lama setelah dibuka dari kemasan karena akan kering dan hancur.
Yufka untuk börek

Kıymalı Börek (Turkish Minced Meat Filling Phyllo Pastry) | Çitra's Home Diary. #börekler #resepmasakanturki #turkishfoodrecipe #mincedmeatpastry #turkishborek #borekrecipe #foodphotography #resepsarapan
Baklavalık yufka/ yufka untuk baklava

Ada banyak sekali jenis börek di Turki tergantung dari isiannya, cara membuatnya dan asal börek tersebut.
Jika ingin tahu aneka resep börek lainnya bisa di klik di categori: "Börekler ve Poğaçalar" disini.

Börek umumnya dimakan pagi hari sebagai sarapan untuk orang Turki. Kadang juga disajikan sebagai sajian untuk tamu di siang hari bersama teh hangat.

Kali ini saya akan berbagi resep membuat Kıymali Börek atau börek isian daging cincang. Berbeda dengan versi kıymalı börek saya sebelumnya, kali ini saya membuatnya menggunakan yufka yang biasanya untuk baklava. Jadi lebih crunchy luarnya tapi tetap lembab dan lembut didalamnya. Karena memang seharusnya börek khas Turki ya harus lembut dan lembab bagian dalamnya dan agak liat teksturnya.
Klik disini untuk melihat versi lain kıymalı börek.

Kıymalı Börek (Turkish Meat filling phyllo pastry)
Oleh: Çitra's Home Diary

Phyllo baklavalık yufka (kurleb 25 lembar)

🍴 500 gr daging sapi cincang (non fat)
🍴 3-4 bawang bombay besar, cincang halus
🍴 3-4 bawang putih, cincang halus
🍴 ± 2 sdm minyak zaitun
🍴 1½ sdt garam (atau sesuai selera)
🍴 1 sdt bubuk merica (atau sesuai selera)
🍴 1 sdt cabe merah flake
🍴 2 sdt gula

Saus untuk olesan yufka/ phyllo:
🍴 1 telur
🍴 200 gr susu cair
🍴 100 gr minyak sayur
🍴 70 gr mentega, cairkan
🍴 sedikit garam (optional)

Cara membuat:

1. Buat isiannya dulu;
Panaskan wajan dengan api besar, masukkan daging cincang dan masak hingga berubah warna, aduk-aduk agar daging tidak bergumpal. Masukkan bawang bombay dan bawang putih cincang. Aduk-aduk lagi hingga rata.
Masukkan minyak zaitun (bisa pakai minyak sayur). Lanjutkan menumis hingga air dagingnya mengering.
Setelah air daging mengering dan tumisan nampak berminyak, masukkan bumbu-bumbunya; bubuk merica, cabe flake, garam dan gula. Lanjutkan menumis sampai semua tercamğur rata. Cicipi rasanya sesuai selera. Rasa asin sedikit manis dan tidak terlalu pedas mericanya. Matikan api dan biarkan hingga uapnya hilang.

2. Membuat saus untuk olesan phyllo nya.
Kocok telur dalam mangkok. masukkan minyak dan mentega cair sambil dikocok dengan whisk hingga rata. Bisa tambahkan sedikit garam.

3. Siapkan loyang berlapis kertas baking dan panaskan oven suhu 170 ℃.

4. Buka phyllo/ yufkanya. lalu tututupi dengan serbet bersih lembab agar tidak cepat kering. Ambil selembar demi selembar dan susun 3 lapisan. Aduk saus untuk olesan dan oleskan banyak-banyak ke seluruh permukaan yufka. Ambil lagi yufka 2 lembar dan tumpuk diatas lapisan sebelumnya. Oles lagi dengan saus banyak-banyak secara merata.
Note: Saus harus selalu diaduk agar minyak dan susu tercampur rata terus.

5. Sendokkan isian daging dan ratakan di sisi bagian yufka yang lebih lebar. Lalu gulung rapi. Susun diatas baking tray. laukan hingga habis. 3 lembar untuk lapisan pertama, oles saus, lalu 2 lembar untuk lapisan terakhir, oles lagi dengan saus dan beri isian. Gulung.
Olesi permukaan börek dengan sisa saus, bisa juga ditaburi wijen jika suka.

6. Panggang dalam oven yang sudah dipanaskan kira-kira 30 menit atau sampai merah keemasan.
Begitu matang dan keluar dari oven segera tutupi börek dengan serbet bersih lembab dan diamkan hingga agak dingin.
Note: Waktu dan suhu memanggang sesuaikan dengan kondisi oven masing-masing.

Potong sesuai selera dan sajikan hangat.
Afiyet Olsun.

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