♥♥ When two Cultures mixed (。◕‿◕。) Everything in my Page are only simple thing, but I did it with great love.

Three tone Yogurt "Cheese" Chocolate mousse (Labneh Chocolate mousse)

Anyone does not like chocolate? well .. it seems no one who does not like chocolate ya .. especially my husband .. Whatever dessert he requests there must be Chocolate things in it .. so you'll see a lot of chocolate recipes on my page... do search more.. ^,^
While I do not really like to eat plain yogurt .. I always mix my yogurt with something, such as fruit jam, syrup or chocolate... ^,^

And for the dessert menu this weekend, I made something simple but "very chocolate"... 

And let me tell you ... this is super Yummy!

Serve: 4

 Dark chocolate, semisweet chocolate and white chocolate each 100 gr. And more for garnish

Note: you can mix white chocolate and dark chocolate for semisweet chocolate with ratio 70:30 gr (white:dark)
 1 ½ cup strained yogurt (
you need to drain yogurt to separate the water in cheesecloth-lined strainer for at least 24 hours before)
Note: From 4 cup yogurt you will get about 1 ½ ~ 2 cup strained one (depend on how thick your yogurt)

Strained yogurt
 5 tablespoons caster sugar
 ± 300 ml double cream (or 75 gr whipped cream powder, mix with ¾ cup cold milk)

1) In a separate bowl, melt each chocolate over double boil or microwave.
2) Mix yogurt "cheese" with caster sugar until smooth and sugar dissolves. Divide into3 equal parts and mix each one into melted chocolate. Chill completely.
3) In another place, beat double cream until soft peak, divided into 3 equal parts and fold into chocolate mixture.
4) Let stand in refrigerator 2 to 3 minutes, then pour into glass/serving bowl alternately to make layer. 
Store in refrigerator before serving.



  1. These looks so delicious! I love chocolate mousse! Save me some!!!

  2. Chocolate overdose! And I don't care! Overdose me, quick! These are so tempting, Citra! You're killing me!

  3. Citra,

    I'm drooling! You have changed ur blog's background. It looks great! :D

  4. @Madeja: I think U r ready for valentine ya :)
    @Samantha B: thx you can drop on my page too.. I adore your fudge cupcake as well ! :)

    @Ping: hahahaha... we are never worry about overdose things as long as it's nice for us ya.. we are in same boat always dear :))

    @ Shida: thx.. I miss you too.. You'd been gone for a while heh? :)) xoxo

  5. Mmmmmm.... a perfect dessert or afternoon snack. I like all kind of yogurt mixtures, this one with double cream and chocolate sounds delicious.

    Great to be hosting this event with you all!

  6. @Helena: thank U dear, and also great to be hosting this event w/ U too ^,^

    @Torviewtoronto: thank U so much, and U can joint this Feb event if you have chocolate recipe this February ^,^

  7. I would so eat more yogurt if I put chocolate in it, just saying:)

  8. Among all of the many who love chocs, I am one of those who don't fancy it but sure will not mind a small serving from time to time esp this yummy dessert you have shared.

    I love yoghurt and use plenty of it for my cooking, so the taste must have blended perfectly well with the chocs.

  9. this is certainly one good dessert!

  10. Sounds delicious & I like the way you presented them! Lovely! :)

  11. MMM Yum-Yum I want the white chocolate please ,,jadi ngacay nih :)

  12. Lovely idea! Would be perfect for V Day!

  13. this looks amazing. Love the three different tones going on in here. The perfect recipe for the bloghop!

  14. whoohoo for delicious chocolate mousse. i love the idea of using yogurt and making it healthy, but still delicious! i bet i can skip the step of making my own yogurt and use greek yogurt instead. i hope you are doing better this week with the nausea and the appetite. hugs, citra!

  15. @Junia: thank U Dear and so happy can hosted this great bloghop with you . xoxo

  16. Perfect mousse delights! And in honor of #chocolatelove, today is the last day to enter my 4 chocolate inspired giveaways! http://cookingwithbooks.blogspot.com/2012/02/foodie-love-for-your-foodie-lover.html

  17. very nice! the use of yogurt would definitely be a plus for my partner, she loves anything that has yogurt in it :)

    thanks for sharing!

    lovely blog you have here :)

    more #chocolatelove your way


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